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  1. Cheers Prema for the v2 vbios, all working great here!
  2. Buy it as a kit. The heatsink for it is better than old one. Install memory plate with care.
  3. Confirmed, latest driver also doesn't work.
  4. Nice to know it's possible to fix the problem. On the otherhand, I'm running 359.06 and it works fine on my p150em. Cod:BO3 runs great and I play it nearly everyday without any BSOD.
  5. I can confirm that the latest Nvidia HOTFIX 361.60 will also cause BSOD on reboot. Looks like the end of the road for V2 bios users. Stick to 359.06, it's the last working driver for V2 bios users.
  6. Hi guys n gals, can anyone confirm Nvidia 361.43 drivers don't work with our systems? I've tried all 3 versions (quadro, desktop and laptop) and all will cause BSOD due to nvlddmkm causing exception errors. Used DDU to remove old drivers for clean installs with modded inf, nada. Had to go back to 359.06.
  7. Just send it back now asap. Don't do any more with this card.
  8. It's definitely a GTX980M 8GB card. No 3GB versions exist as far as I'm aware. Bios and vbios look fine. Could you post a screenshot of Nvidia inspector NVIDIA Inspector Download version
  9. Lapped 3920xm @default with GTX980M now getting an extra 300 points NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3920XM Processor Extreme Edition,CLEVO P150EM I assume this is closer to expected results.
  10. Hey bro, you don't really need anything beyond 1500 grit, 2000 for mirror finish is enough. The rest is a waste.
  11. I've been playing COD:BO3 and noticed my 3920xm was hitting upto 104c then throttling. I decided to remove the ICD24 and use coolaboratory liquid metal pads (laptop kit). It's my preferred material for my gpu which has been working brilliantly (72C max playing COD:BO3 with near max details for 90minutes). I didn't want to take all the screws off so, I used a red 2x4 lego brick on it's side and 800 grit wet n dry cut into squares to fit the lego brick and lapped the cpu heatsink. Took about 5minutes. Now my cpu is around 94c load so I got at least a 10c+ drop. Recommended.
  12. Have you got a picture of your card without heatsink on?
  13. You're not missing out on much, maybe couple thousand 3dmark points max. Enjoy your system, it's amongst the best you can buy right now.
  14. I use a 28" monitor with mine. What really made me upgrade is pascal looking like I'd need a whole new system to make full use of the gpu and cpu interconnect so I decided to go for it and enjoy it now.
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