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  1. Hey Ir recently reinstalled my windows 8 on my m14xr2 and downloaded everything I think, but my alienfx doesn't work with the lighting could you help me please?
  2. How is yours 3.4 without oc? Mine is 2.4 :/
  3. I think it's pretty worth it, I recently got it and I'm loving it
  4. hey guys i wanted some help, i recently bought a Alienware M14x R2 and i was wondering if there was a way to overclock the cpu and maybe the gpu, i saw a video about over clocking the gpu with msi afterburner and it didnt really make that big of a difference but if someone could tell me good setting for the msi afterburner it would be appreciated and if i could overclock the cpu in some way? Specs: Intel i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40 ghz BIOS A09 Nvidia GT 650M 2GB GPU 16 GB ram Windows 8 64 bit and if any other info is needed let me know
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