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  1. Guys, anybody managed to get Shadowplay to work on Windows 7 64bit? I'm starting to think it's because we use modified BIOS... I will try tommorow with new Watch Dogs drivers, and if I don't post it works, then it doesn't
  2. Hi, I'm from Polan. I joined to get modified BIOS for my Y580. I'm was running i5-3210 and I changed it to i7-3632qm, GTX660M 2GB core 1230 / mem 2500 MHz. Love this forum, very informative!
  3. Did you do a "clean install"? I used DDU to uninstall, but didn't check "clean instal" - I never do that and it always worked perfect.
  4. Sorry to answer a question with a question guys, but I have another question Driver 337.50 enables SHADOWPLAY on GTX660m (hurraaay!). But when I click the "power button" in Geforce Experience Shadowplay menu - nothing happens. Does it work for anybody here? ps. gawagandalf GTX660m on 400MHz during furmark eats 1% of battery every 30 seconds. Thats overkill I would say there is not enough power for CPU and GPU and one of them throttles down every moment. Does it happen on Intel HD4000?
  5. I opened my Y580 twice and also noticed broken screw slot on the bottom plastic bezel. I probably applied too much force on this screw the last time I was closing my laptop. My advice - do not apply too much pressure on the screws This is not a top quality plastic.
  6. I applied MX-2 on my i5-3210m and temperatures are now 78°C CPU and 74°C GPU (1230MHz). Previously 89°C CPU and 82°C GPU. But I left this piece of plastic around the GPU because I noticed those metal parts are very close - almost making contact with heatsink. This plastic is supposed to not allow metal to metal contact. You think it is ok to remove it?
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