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  1. Its the one you have linked to i have downloaded, and when i try to use the ModMe batchfile it says GPU mismatch....... Is there some procedure i have forgot, like when you have to disable driver signing to run modded Nvidia installer?
  2. I think my temps are fine, never goes beyond 82 degrees under heavy load, and last time i blackscreened HWinfo log said 77c but why does the Prema Vbios updater sat GPU mismatch? edit: ran a Unigine Heaven Benchmark and reached max temp of 69c
  3. When i try to install the VBios it says GPU Mismatch and clicks twice??
  4. Thanks, i just didnt want to install before being sure since it says Clevo and not Alienware. FYI: I have problems with black screen and Audio/game continue in background, but i have to make a hard reset to get the screen to turn on again, what can be causing this?
  5. I have the AW M17X R4 what VBios would you recommend for the GTX980M?
  6. Which custom VBIOS should i use for the GTX TITAN BLACK 6Gb? I have an ASUS 28" 144hz 2560x1440 screen if that have something to say.
  7. Have you remembered to cover these areas shown in my pics, i used some copper ram heatsinks 22x8x5mm and attached em to the heatsink with Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive.
  8. Okay, i got it fixed in an alternative way, but it works.......... I enabled IDT and booted into safe mode and installed the IDT driver, restarted and then went into Bios disabled IDT and booted normally (without driver signing) and installed Nvidia driver, restarted and enabled IDT in Bios again and booted normally, and now it works. It took some tries but i managed to get it running without any dissassembly.
  9. I think my old GFX card is dead, can i install the IDT drivers with no dedicated GFX installed and then disable IDT in Bios and then install the 780m.
  10. How do you install the IDT drivers while its Disabled in Bios, when i try to install the IDT driver it says no hardware is found.
  11. I have just installed the tripple pipe heatsink in my m18x r1,it was quite easy actually. I decided to use the original cooling paste on the heatsink despite i had a syringe mx-4 lying around, but i saw mr.fox used the original stuff, so i did the same and my temps are great. Im running a 2960XM cpu. :)I bought mu tripple pipe on ebay and with shipment and customs i think it ended up costing me around 100-120 usd.
  12. I am scoring around 7400 in 3dmark11 with my Xfire 6990m`s running at 820/1020 and my 2960XM at 35 x multiplier, when i get the unlocked bios i will push it some more.
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