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  1. I have had nothing but good results from my multiple notebooks and mobo/gpu hw that I have used over the years. I have also had good experiences with the customer service department when I needed to speak with them. I also agree with Prostar about how the guy comes off and his issues.
  2. I too need to get help with this same model / bios - hopefully we can get a few unlocked versions in various voltages as we did with the MSI 680m *** Thank you soooo much for any help !!!!!!!!!!
  3. Damn - that sucks that the place burned you like that, is there more than one person or a telephone #? must be some way to turn up the heat on them for something like that. On another note - how long does it take you to relace a mobo in the laptop? as for the led - what is the model number, or any other identifying markings that you can see... I will try to get you some info to troubleshoot with
  4. Thanks Brian for the detailed breakdown of the Viewsonic - I am now most definitely be buying some higher quality 1440p monitor. I think that the Viewsonic is leading the list in my head. What was your experience with BF3 as gaming will be a big chunk of it's usage.
  5. I definitely noticed a big performance gain when I went from a i3 MSI X-Slim to a GT60 0NE-403US with a i7. I think that one svl7 recommended would be a good choice for sure.
  6. I can't wait to spend some time in DOS tonight - Should I be ok going straight to the 1.050v version?
  7. Have you looked at this T|I thread? It shows the use of Nvidia Inspector to aid with keeping higher clocks set, I will be testing this out myself over the next few days
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