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  1. I 've read alot everywhere that this game is very good. I bought the 7870XT in order to take it with, since Never Settle promotion is running. I didnt get any CD-KEY. My mistake i guess, since after i read that only specific merchants can provide it and the retailer i choose was not in the participants list. I ll get it to see Lara's new hairs.
  2. Worth mentioning that 7870XT loses 10% with 13.2 beta7. 13.2 beta 7 13.1
  3. Have you noticed better hit registration after latest update? Also less lag? I can not believe that having same rig and network connection i actually can spare my AN94 magazine on 3 or more enemies! I am really excited, especially when i came back after a 30day bf3 break cuase i was tired of bad hitreg and lag.
  4. Hello, I use the latest official 13.1 drivers, since 13.2 beta 7 bring weird start up GPU behavior and stabilities issues. The only problem i am facing is that fan is auto set at 50% on start up and have to adjust fan speed using Trixx sw.
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