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  1. I have install my Intel N6300 but there is a problem, when the 1st time i plug in the card it work perfectly fine, but when i shut down or reboot, the n6300 card detected but cannot connect to any network. The only way to have this card working is, i have to go bios, disable the wireless card shut down and go to bios enable and boot it again. I am using Window 7 pro 64,original bios v1.04 ,unlocked bios v1.05, anyone know how to fix this problem to make the card fully functioning?
  2. Yes, I have successfully Change my bios to 1.05 unlocked bios, big thanks to svl7.
  3. Solved ....... Trying to flash now.. will report back later
  4. Razer Orochi 2013, 2000 dpi... small but Fast!
  5. Having image issue when playing dota 2 on SLI, but is run smooth when i disable it. Anyone have face this issue or just me? i update my my driver to the lastest.
  6. My 4 year old Acer laptop have stronger signal compare to my new lenovo y500, And the problem is i cant change the wifi card i need cause it is whitelisted.
  7. i am using CM notepal X-slim, it decrease 6 degree when gaming for my lenovo Y500 but the downside is it collect lot of dust and not easy to clean.
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