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  1. I can not send it to Asus becasue I live in South America and in my country there is no support and I would have to send my notebook to USA to get it fixed, plus they will tell me for sure that they have to replace the motherboard and that would cost me $500 while just buying a new bios chip on eBay costed me just $16. Thanks very much to all of you for answering to my issue. I now understand what is going on and confirm that what these people that dumped my bios file told me is correct, cause it is exactly the same as you are telling me now.
  2. Then it's puzzling why whas there a 4MB file inside my chip when it should be a 8MB or at least +6MB...
  3. Yes, I bought the so named 'BIOS chip', I think it is most likely to be the 4MB and not the other cause if not it would have said 'ME FW chip'.
  4. Oh well, thanks for the compromise anyway ! I still wander, when you buy a new bios chip and have it replaced, is that the chip that contains the 4MB or the one that contains the 2MB one ? I'm asking because I bought a new bios chip on eBay and was just curious what that chip was.
  5. Why corrupt ? Think is worth a shot or can it ruin my system ? (I think in worst case scenario it just does not work so no harm)
  6. (If you were not being sarcastic) Thanks ! That would help me a lot lot !
  7. Oh, now I get it, so there are two separate chips, one for the 2MB and another for the 4MB. I just managed to extract the file for the 4MB chip, that is why my file is 4MB. I wander when you buy a new bios chip from eBay to repair this brick, do you buy the 4MB or the 2MB ? Also, I was wondering... can someone like you (Khenglish) or Klem use the bios file that is in the Asus site (6MB version v223) and just isolate the 4MB block and save it in a BIN file so I can flash it to my 4MB chip ?
  8. So what are you suggesting I should do ? (I have no clue what ME FW is and did not quite got that Khenglish said)
  9. The 223 bios is 6MB, I could find no file that was 8MB. People that dumped the file for me told me that the bios chip has a capacity of 8MB, but there was a 4MB file on it (the one I uploaded). Do you suggest I go and ask these people to programm my bios chip (using the programmer machine) with the bios v223 that can be downloaded from the Asus site ?
  10. I sent my system to a company that has that machine that can securely extract the bios chip and put it into another machine that can read and rewrite the chip. The reason of why this file is just 4MB instead of 6MB is that, as these people explained, there are sort of two bios files, one that you can not modify (that apparently controls things in a more deep way), and there is another one (the one that can be downloaded from the web site of Asus and the one we mod) that can be easily be reflashed with easyFlash or WinFlash. Apparently when you brick your system, the bios that you have to re flash to the chip with this machie (assuming no other method of recovering worked) is by flashing this more deep bios that as I see is just 4MB. What do you think ?
  11. Sorry, link did not work, this is a new link Download file old_25l6445e.bin.
  12. Klem I've tested all those methods already but no results. NOW VERY IMPORTANT: Guys, I have also a bricked G75VW, I just sent it to have my bios chio read and this is what it has. This is the corrupted bios file, if someone knows a way to recompile or fix it in some sort of way, I would be very greatful and it would help lots of people. Specially slv7 if you see this, I would really appreciate if you could see how to fix this. http://rapidshare.com/files/1677708445/old%2025l6445e.bin
  13. People, I am in the need of the 8MB bios file of the G75VW-BBK5 (not the one that can be downloaded from the internet). I need it to reprogram my bios chip with a programmer machine. I've tried all other methods, nothing worked, please if someone has it I would really appreciate it.
  14. Does anyone know how to flash this bios outside of Windows ? Like EasyFleash or something like that ? EasyFlash does not recognise the file.

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