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  1. Aisan

    Tomb Raider 2013

    Thats great results, do you mind to mention your CPU and GPS temps,oh and on what notebook you are gaming on?
  2. Aisan

    Far Cry 3

    IMHO the game is good but it is also in need of some major patch , improving game world and also some support on mobile GPS, while I enjoy it at max details with gtx 680m , if I turn on osd to see FPS flying around I really want to cry on my money spend for gtx 680m (single card) and that's cause never goes above 45 FPS and also I have kinda GPS throttling. but in general if you enjoy it well buy it !! Aisan.
  3. Woot Thanks you so much for your replies i really do appreciate this! Ok < Lets start reading then the guides . i will need to keep my vbios backup just in case i want to come back (at stock i have really good temps) Well, thanks again and see ya around here
  4. Aisan

    Gaming Mouse

    Hello there, i am not g700 owner yet ,but you can add me to the Logitech side as from years i rest my palm on Logitech mice. So i dont know why your gpus act like that with logi software but here is what i do with it. Uninstall, fresh install , enter the logi software make at least 3 profiles that works and are suitable for you , save them on mouse memory , uninstall the logi software and you are all set. i do use the logi software only just for set up on the fly options. My mice list: g9x , g400 , g500 , cm spawn( worst mouse for me ever> fatigue my hands). Gaming now on g400.
  5. Lol its a great game turns out to be one of mine and my friends favorite... As we are getting older year by year and responsibilities goes on more and more, our free time getting less... its pvp is very relaxing and enjoyable... its seems easy but its not, and the mechanics are working charm. Kogmaw its my pet:D, bio-split everywhere
  6. Hello there guys and gals! How are you ? i hope the best. I am among others , a proud owner of p370em with a single gtx 680m. Forgive me but i have this beast 2 days now , so i really really like it and i am totaly fall in love with it (!!!woohooo dancing all around:D!!!) Here are my specs for your information. P370em (did i mention that? ) intel i7 3740qm (2.7Ghz to 3.7ghz> overclockable to 4ghz with intel xtu) Nvidia gtx 680m 4gb 8gb ram ddr3 Corsair Vengeance (2x4 ddr3 dins) Ssd Samsung 840 250gb others pretty much the stock. My reseller take a good care of this laptop, all hardware placed gently and its really working fair well! Temps of my gtx680m even after playing 3+hours BF3 does not exceed 70C Furmark 15mins burn in test 1920x1080 gives me max temp of 72C Ok as you see,i received it and just played around! The problem is this , and please guys be gently and helpfull as my overclocking experience is not elite as yours. Nvidia gtx 680m come with stock GPU Core clock 719 mhz & Gpu Memory Clock 1800mhz. I tried to overclock a bit the beast with adding +135mhz to the core clock and +400mhz to the memory clock using evga precision X and/or Msi afterburner and or Nvidia Inspector. . While Gpuz seems to read the given values aka GPU core Clock 854mhz and Gpu Memory Clock 2200mhz , when i run furmark.3dmark 11,kombustor,vantage and etc only the memory Clock @ 2200mhz recognised, and the GPU core Clock remains no matter what at 718Mhz. (The Gpu Z still reads 854mhz core clock). First thoughts is to check the drivers i reinstall ,unistall evrything even i made a format but ofc with no effect. From nvidia Control panel i made changes to maximum performance.windows and clevo power options set to high performance without effect ofc. I got really sad at first cause i thought that it was a faulty graphic card and thanks to Timelord i found you. So can you give me your lights please? I own you some beers guys and i really want to say thank you in advance! GpuZ info / GPU sensors [ATTACH=CONFIG]6245[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]6246[/ATTACH] Vantage performance tests: Stock clocks: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3740QM Processor,CLEVO P370EM score: P22334 3DMarks Memory clock+475mhz: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3740QM Processor,CLEVO P370EM score: P23174 3DMarks Thank you for being helpfull and so kind to rread it!
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