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  1. so if my video card crashes, thats my limit right? that "clean" unlocked bios seems interesting. XD although i broke my acer coz of a bios option that it shouldnt have had. I thought when i flashed it and it appeared, it was supported. guess i didnt do enough reading. More power to you @Prema and @james-d. I'd help coding and testing if i could, but i couldnt afford buying another of these babies and i dont have the know how. I really couldnt risk a brick. :| but premas vbios mod made wonders. so yeah, you guys got my support. XD
  2. Works like a gem! Great Work! am currently stress testing. any max values you could recommend? Edit: after some rounds of stress testing, i found that mt turboboost works. OCing by 245 mhz boosted me to a whopping 1080mhz. making the base 845, which was the turboboosted value i had at stock. i thought that i should give you a heads up @Prema. mines a GE60 with a 650m btw. oh and is 90 degrees max good?
  3. A4 tech G9 padless wireless mouse. DPI is at 800 i guess and report rate is at 500hz. Drains an energizer max for about a month but great for gaming. wireless mice tend to lag, but i havent encountered any on this mouse. plus it runs on any surface.
  4. are you sure it's thermal cover? isnt it just insulation to protect the motherboard from dust and metal contacts? if its that, i'm pretty sure its just semi hard plastic
  5. I use a lapinator passive cooling pad. it works wonders on my laptop because it allows more airflow to it (there are rubber feet protruding from the surface) and since the GE60's fan is kinda strong, it doesnt overheat even with OC. playing games at ultra settings (768p) 75c - 80c temps
  6. Hey! Just askin if installing a modded BIOS would be safe. i mean is it foolproof? can i recover from a brick? im currently using my MSI GE 60 and i would want to OC it (currently i can only OC to 957mhz but @Prema 's Bios mod would allow me to OC to 1040 iirc). i had a bad experience in Bios installing (though i guess its because i was treading on unstable ground, forcing bios options on an Acer with InsydeH2O was not fun at all) so i'm a little scared but still willing to go through with it.
  7. Im using Windows 8 right now. I got used to it the day i installed it. give it a chance! and of course some games wouldn't work at a fresh install, drivers are still being optimized and such as we speak. but hey, there are compatibility options for programs and so far, all my necessary programs run smooth on it. i recommend upgrading too! just tweak it to your preference and you're ready to go. ps. the start menu isn't that bad. sure it gets some gettin used to but hey, give it a chance.
  8. Pitch Perfect. XD IT WAS GAHD BEAUTIFUL. Lol no. but the songs were. there was a point where i wasnt watching actually. just listening.
  9. So this will disable native turboboost? mine ups to about 800mhz without afterburner. I am using a MSI GE60 with a GT 650m VC. I also noticed that your mod is for GTX 650m, is this the same as mine? lastly, if i decide that i would want to go back to stock BIOS, can i do that? will there be any difficulties? thanks!
  10. maybe its because of the heat the OC is producing, causing the VC to throttle down the core. in my laptop (GE60), the core is throttled when i reach 85c. you may want to look into that
  11. howbout passive cooling with copper ram block. you can get them cheap on ebay. i dunno about soldering them on the pipes tho! might just short something out on your mobo if you are not careful.
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