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  1. What u need to do is, take out the 980m SLI and boot without them, this works. U have to reconfigure the Bios again, after that put the cards back into the laptop. eQualize87
  2. Nice to hear, that this solution helped u out Have FUN with the Power of the GPUs. eQualize87
  3. Hi Navigator Which Temperatures u get at Load while gaming? Which PSU u are using? I have an M18x R2 with dual GTX980m SLI, too. Maybe i can help u. I can easily overclock both GTX980m up to 14xxMHz without a shutdown or any other Problems but i am using Premas Bios, because svl7's Bios causes problems. eQualize87
  4. Which Issues do u mean? I have a M18x R2, too. With 2x980M SLI and the A10 Unlocked Bios in UEFI Mode. Maybe I can help u out. eQualize87
  5. Upload ure Bios please, i'll give it a try. eQualize87 - - - Updated - - - Yes it is enabled. I Use UEFI with 2x980m SLI in my Alienware M18x R2, it works perfectly :-) eQualize87
  6. No, it isnt worth the money. The performance boost is too low . eQualize87
  7. Hey 827270744 There is no way to control the memory voltage. Its not possible to add/unlock an option for that. eQualize87
  8. HI civlciv388a may i can help u out. What kind of Notebook do u have? And which GPU / GPUs u have? I had the same problem and solved it, so give me/us more informations. @svl7 I have a problem with ure vBios for the 980m Clevo cards. I got 2 x 980m and flashed both with ure vBios. The problem i have is, that both Cards never go in 3D Clock Mode, that means on 3D games like AC Unity or FC 4 they do not go in 3D mode. I tested the Prema mod for my cards, no problems! Do u have an idea? Specs: M18x R2 CPU: i73940XM RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengance HDD: 750GB SSD Raid0 Graphics: 2xGTX980m @ Prema OC mod PSU: 330 Watt Dell eQualize87
  9. I have this thermal compound already used very often, I was just not quite sure about the material of the cooler in R2. I will test it once, thank you: D
  10. @svl7 The notebook has now arrived. So far I am very happy with it. The first benchmarks also already ran through. Now I am very curious to see how it runs with the A10 BIOS Unlocked and some overclocking...to the max ^.^ I will report how I get on with it. The R1 is limited only by the temperatures actually me :/ kind regards eQualize87
  11. Hi Guys, i have a question about this thermal grease. Is it possible to use this in conjunction with the cooling solution of the M18x R2? ...keyword aluminium...?! What do u think about it? Is it possible to use it without any problems? kind regards eQualize87
  12. Can anyone explain exactly what "private plane" actually does?
  13. Hey guys, in 2 weeks i´ll get my new M18x R2. Is there something to consider for flashing the A10 unlocked Bios? On my M18x R1 everything works great with unlocked Bios! New one: I7 3940XM 2x GTX680M 32GB Ram 2 x SSD @svl7 Thanks man, for u´re great work! Got 2960XM(M18x R1) up to 5 GHZ!
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