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  1. Possibly shorting on the VRAM, or dying VRAM.
  2. Unfortunately, even that tool is not 100% certain that TRIM is properly working as has been discussed in some other TRIM discussion forums, but most likely TRIM is working on our m18xr2's in win7.
  3. This was posted by user Sy5tem on NBR but seems to be a good idea: it looks like the HM77 (m18x-r2 ivy bridge) support TRIM, but TRIM is disabled in the OPROM by intel... i have read on another forums that people have unlocked the oprom for series 6 e.t.c ..... ( AnandTech Forums - View Single Post - RAID0 trim and SRT seems possible on 6-series and 5-Series ) now to unlock TRIM support on the M18X-R2 it seems we would have to edit offset 1bb22 and add 071E000007 to replace the entry and enable trim on the hm77 raid... i know that the hm77 as controller ID of 282A and alternativeID of 1E07 that is the number needed and needed to be edited in a oprom... i do not have the skill knowledge and tools to do so... but i know somebody here probably would! can anybody mod the OPROM with those info, and merge it into the m18x-r2 bios so i can test if it enable TRIM on the m18x-r2? Would this be possible on the m18x r2 bios svl?
  4. The esata-usb port combo on the right side topmost is controlled by a bios setting as Suoah has mentioned. It is a usb combo port not just esata, and is the only one controlled by the bios setting.
  5. You can also flash your ram using thaiphoon burner to a higher speed for some modules. I did this to make my hyperx 1866 run at the timings and frequency of the hyperx 2133mhz with no increase to voltage needed.
  6. Try disabling agressive LPM in unlocked bios, and also enabling hotplugging. These disable power savings feature of the ssds.
  7. I see no issue with the boot text, its his work, if someone does not want it they can flash to other vbios.
  8. triple heat sink has more copper which provides greater heat transfer.
  9. We await a undervolt / stock vbios (0.962v or lower) + unlocked for 680M m18x r2
  10. 1 thing you can do is use nvinspector to import latest sli profiles via text file when using an older driver. That way you wont be missing much. Here are the profiles from 314.14 driver. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/45543900/314.14.txt
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