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  1. Hey, does anyone have a copy of 7720_A12_AES_MSR_0xE2_unlock_var1.rar ? The rghost link to the file has been deleted. It worked fine on my 7720 to unlock everything, then I think I accidentally deleted my copy. I've tried the new 7720_A12_AES_MSR_0xE2_MOD.rar file and it doesn't give me any new options in the bios. And 7720_A12_AES_MSR_0xE2_MOD_newvbios.rar makes the computer un-bootable until I reload the stock A12 bios off a flash drive.
  2. For using slv7's mod, and I'm no expert on this definitely, but I think it works off just the A11? I haven't tested it with A12, since I could use the older drivers to overclock. If locking out turbo on the cpu doesn't help (and I haven't noticed any performance loss in games with it, as far as fps - maybe a few extra seconds with loading but nothing major), you can try to force the gpu into P5 instead of P0. Depending on the game, sometimes it does increase fps and lower temps. Not sure why since it is the same voltage at full load. But like I said, it doesn't work in all games. But sometimes it does give a bit more reliability for me. Just have to mod the batch file a little bit. "nvidiaInspector.exe -setGpuClock:0,2,970 -setMemoryClockOffset:0,1,900 -setMemoryClock:0,2,2900 -forcepstate:0,0" to "nvidiaInspector.exe -setGpuClock:0,1,970 -setMemoryClockOffset:0,0,900 -setMemoryClock:0,1,2900 -forcepstate:0,5" for example. Of course, set your own speeds in there. Main difference is it runs the pci-e at 2.0 instead of 3.0. But I have never noticed a performance drop this way. Just an increase (small) depending on the game. edit: Forgot to mention, in the Nvidia control panel, make sure that Power Management Mode is NOT set to Adaptive, and is on Prefer Maximum Performance.
  3. @Toopy I didn't even think about rolling back the drivers. Thanks. You can actually go up to 310.90 and still overclock, unlike with 314.07. However, I did notice that the 306.97 still has slightly better (3-5%) performance. I was able to get up to 1040/2900 for the best performance. Just benchmark data so far, using Heaven. But got a 23% increase by bumping up the mhz by almost 25%. I did notice that Heaven, GPU-z, and NvidiaInspector all read the core speed and memory speed differently. Heaven and Nvidia would get the memory right, but the core wrong. GPU-z would get the core right but the memory was cut in half. Now to go try some real testing and fire up Assassin's Creed. @player100 I have been running with the stock A12 bios from Dell and haven't had any of those issues. I did, however, have the same problem when I was running A09. The upgrade to A12 actually helped. You could try limiting the cpu from turbo and see if that helps your fps.
  4. Alright, I hope this isn't off-topic, but has anyone had a problem running GPU-z on the 7720? With it just installed, I've found that after gaming for 5-30 minutes my computer will just power down. Even if the program is not actively running. I uninstall it, and I have no problems. I was going to use it to log temps, but with it running I get maybe 5-10 minutes and power off (the laptop is always running on AC power) and with it just installed I get maybe 20-45 minutes and power down. This is even without over-clocking the GPU. With it uninstalled I can game for hours, no problem.
  5. I do like my 7720 SE, but if you are looking for 3D, I don't know that I can recommend it for 3D gaming. It works great for watching movies. But even with over-clocking, I find that the GT 650m is under-powered when it comes to the dual rendering required for 3D gaming.
  6. Alright. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I went back and installed the stock A11 bios from Dell. Then added the vbios Inspirion_7720_-_A11_[650m_mod_01_-_970-1400] on top of it. Installed fine. Loaded up Nvidia Inspector. Still says default clock is 745. But if I run a benchmark, or force P0 it says current clock is 835. I can boost this up to 970, which is great, but turbo boost isn't working? There is only the one version of this vbios with the 970-1400 right? Bios for gt650m is listed as That is great default goes up to 970, but would be nice with turbo boost still there to get it higher. Am I missing something with it?
  7. Well, at +900 memory clock is about the highest I have pushed it for testing. I can go up to about +1000 but I start getting artifacts. Past that and it starts to lock up. Although I have noticed there isn't a significant difference with moving the memory past +450/500 as far as real performance so I usually run it around there. I'm still stuck at 970mhz for core clock though, with turbo. Tried the batch files for Nvidia Inspector, and can change everything, however, it will not go past the +135 offset, no matter what I try to do with it in the batch files. And if I don't set the offset up, it won't go past the 745 default. And no luck with the batch file to increase the offset. Running version of inspector. 3D version, with no Optimus.
  8. I tried the fully unlocked bios on the last page, and with the 3610qm it does unlock everything in the bios. Now granted, I consider myself very familiar with a computer, but I haven't messed around with overclocking before so I am definitely not touching anything without doing my research. Unfortunately though, it just seems to help unlock overclocking the processor. Still no luck with that plus unlocking the gt 650m. Any ideas?
  9. I bought the 7720 SE shortly after it first came out (unfortunately now, I think, since it is missing a lot of features the newer one's have) but it started out running fine. Then I noticed a lot of slow down in games, no matter how low I put the graphics. I almost gave up on Far Cry 3 because of it. And now I see all the issues about the throttling. I was going crazy trying to figure out what it was! This thread has been a great read. Have overclocked to +135/+900 with no problems, but now considering if I should try a bios mod.
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