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  1. i am going to return the graphic card and i would like to thank you for the help, i think it s faulty card cause when the error happen i saw that the card stop taking volt and everything go 0(gpu-z)
  2. the first file for the gtx680m and the gtx780m are the same for the gtx770m right?and i have to replace it with the nvdmi.inf right?
  3. that s from bios?the blue screen?....btw the error i get it says windows driver error kernel mode sthing like that
  4. ok sorry for being noob, but the vbios j95 ask isn t the one i already uploaded?oh and i ll try a repaste of the card....and take care that all the pads are good ....but still in the link you sent me it says that 75C is the temperature that the clevo was running....how the **** i run in 55C? anyway i am hoping that the repad will fix the problem..although i don t really believe that is possible while the core is 55..the memory to be 90+
  5. btw now with the new drivers the lag is worst....and seriously....sthing is really wrong with my temperatures.....when i had the gtx580m i use to be around 72C and now only 56C? and still the core clock is so much more than normal...lol...i really don t know what to do? what else do you want me to upload?
  6. ok, i did it reinstall the drivers as you said today ..and upload a photo of the gpuz , that s the vbios you want?. btw no it didn t fix my problem - - - Updated - - - chekc the gpu core clock...i have 862 in the last gpuz uploaded...and the d default clock is 706mhz and the boost at 797mhz?how can i have so much?
  7. ok guys relax..don t get mad with me..i didn t want to try it today cause if sthing happen i ll think of it all day..and i have not time to waste for that...so i am going to do it in thuresday and report...
  8. here is a screenshot of the gpu z btw the problem is getting worse and worse because i got 7 driver not responding today and the last one didn t recover:/ (it happen both in games and in videos in youtube, but more often in games) i haven t tried yet the reinstall of the driver with the j95 s instructions...i ll do it on thuresday(btw right now i got another driver not responding while i was typing....8) - - - Updated - - - btw look the memory clock...is it normal to be so low?1000mhz and the core lock so high? core i think is 770 and memory speed 4000....don t know if sthing is wrong or not...
  9. btw forget to mention that the hwinfo can r recognize my gtx770m , only at the compal ec section it says gpu . it could recognize my old gtx580m and there were 2 more sections only for the card (volts ,tempe,mhz and bla bla)
  10. frist i will have to unistall the old nvidia dirvers(which are the 334.89 ...although they are not oldXD)? and then extract the new driver(the same ) , delete all that files, and then copy that thing you gave me and install it? i didin t get the "safe mode" and the last part where i have to copy/overwrite that file(driver) , in case sthing go wrong and the driver failed to install(like it happens most of the times even with the original driver ) i will be able to boot the laptop normally and try again? - - - Updated - - - the first time i tried to install the driver , it failed twice before it installed:/ thats why i am asking you..
  11. i think paded it well didnt remove the old pads from the heatsink , and i put new pads in places there wasn t any pads....i think the padding was good at all, but anyway i am telling you the max tempe it s around 65C how far can go in one pad?:/ maybe 70 maybe 75? still it s not enough to cause a driver issue...that things it s 99% of software problems...... i ll follow j95 instructions,,,later when i come back from the job
  12. ok i did save it.....btw the most serious problem i have is that every 20 min the nvidia divers stop responding..and i have to close the game sometimes...(although the drivers recover ) at least i want someone to help me solve that:/
  13. so now you gonna use me? ((...nah just kidding:) gimme instructions step by step ....and simple as possible what to do...
  14. what do you mean vbios mod option , i did follow your instructions when i installed the card and downloaded the 334.89 driver(latest) and replaced all files(numbers)with the one you told me? what else can i do? - - - Updated - - - sr for being noob about that ..but explain what is vbios (a12 unlocked?) and how can i upload it ..
  15. i think i know what cause that lower performance.....before i add my gtx770m , the desktop graphics and everything else except the game was handled by the cpu intel hd and the gtx580m was handled only the game. now my gtx770m handle everything:/ is there a way i can re enable my cpu? the last time i try to do it from bios my computer couldnt even pass the logo screen...that s why i was asking you how to reflashed the bios...and all that story...... so my question is: is there a way to re-enable the cpu intel graphics hd like it used to be? if ,yes i want to be 100% sure...otherwise i will have a big problem to face again:/
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