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  1. I am using +200Mhz on Base Clock Offset and +300Mhz on Memory Clock Offset :-)
  2. I have Y580 and will gladly help you Just tell me what to do.
  3. If you want to recover your original bios, then download it from lenovo page. After executing it will say that you already have never version, dont close the window. Start->Run and type %temp% then Temporary filder will appear and you should see some folder named like 7zS5330.tmp copy it to the Desktop, open file platform.ini and search for RESSEN and change it to RESSDIS. Then you will be able to flash back original bios. About repairing your laptop you can try to reinstall OS via One Key Recovery...
  4. Yes, it is one file, but after executing, it extracts all the files to the temp directory, so you can copy them from there. Here it is.
  5. Where the hell did you managed to get i7-3610QM for 92$ ? Anyway, to flash older bios edit platform.ini at the third line and change RESSEN at the end for RESSDIS. As you could find it here
  6. How is that your GPU-Z shows CUDA and DirectCompute checked and PhysX unchecked? Cause mine shows opposite
  7. I am using Nvidia Inspector
  8. I see ... Also GPU temperature is about 4-5°C lower. Before I had max temp 75°C and now max is 71°C (tested with Crysis 3). :-)
  9. And why is Nvidia Inspector showing [iNVALID] at BIOS.
  10. Ok, I get it now :-). And I want to thank you, because it works great (I'm using v2.07).
  11. Why is the GPU boost same as the clock?
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