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  1. Hey slv7 would you have any idea why turning on the lenovo dynamic graphics causes my games to freeze about a minute in? It seems to corrupt something, I hear sound but video is frozen and can't pull up task mgr to close it. When I hit reboot the comp just sits on restarting screen and I have to hold down power to manually shut down, not sure what's wrong
  2. Don't think it's a heat issue as it happens before the comp even has a chance to heat up. It freezes before I'm even out of the main menu screens. I'll just uninstall, thanks for the help guys.
  3. Hey guys, whenever I change the energy management to the 'Lenovo Dynamic Graphics' and play a game, it just freezes after a few minutes every time. This didn't happen prior to flashing the unlocked 8.01 BIOS. Is anyone else also having this issue?
  4. No you have to be on the same version or you'll brick as some ppl have done. Honestly I'm as noob as they come and I followed instructions from the first post and worked flawlessly the first time.
  5. The unlocked BIOS that slv7 made works flawlessly, just make sure you follow directions closely and flash the correct version. I installed a centrino 6205 and it is working great.
  6. No you will brick your comp. Download the official 2.07 from lenovo and update your bios to 2.07 first.
  7. Just got my system, it shipped with Win8 and the 8.01 BIOS. I swapped out the HDD with an 840 Pro SSD. Just want to make sure this won't cause any issues flashing the mod, can anyone confirm? edit: Alright that process was much simpler than I had imagined, thanks a lot slv7! Amazing what following instruction can do. Will be ordering a 6205 today and buying you a beer sir!
  8. slv7 posted a modded version of the Win8 BIOS (v8.00 & v8.01) but they are not posted on Lenovo's site, which makes flashing a bit scary for me esp since I'm a noob. If anything goes wrong I wouldn't be able to recover the BIOS via USB
  9. Will the back up of 5DCN90WW pulled by the application be usable for recovery purposes via USB drive? Why Lenovo doesn't have this BIOS available for download from their site is beyond me.. I just wanna make sure I have everything I need for a quick recovery in case anything goes wrong.
  10. Will do, it should be the 8.0.1 as my neighbor and I ordered the same one and his shipped with that BIOS version.
  11. Hey guys, I am receiving my Y580 today and plan on flashing the 8.0.1 unlocked BIOS, but I will be replacing the HDD with an 840 Pro SSD first. Will this cause any issues with flashing?
  12. I just bought one and was planning on flashing..what type of issues r u having?
  13. Has anyone successfully flashed the modded BIOS on Win8 with v8.01?
  14. Curious.. svl7 what do you mean by blind flashing back to the backup? and triggaz have you tried this method?
  15. Thnx Odin.. can you tell me how I get to the BIOS in Win8 to check the license key & etc? My neighbor has the Y580 and we could not for the life of us figure out how to open the BIOS. Also what network card did you install?
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