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  1. tested the updated version using the same procedure and dos mode... result: brick does not boot anymore... any chance to recover bad bios flash?
  2. I flashed vmodded 2.13 using DOS and modded fpart file, like I said.. it's not working properly... I'm having issues like base turbo boost frequency set to 405mhz for core clock and 405 momory..
  3. sure... just tell me what kind of information you need, before bios Vmod my stock core clock was 624mhz / 709mhz boost clock, overclocked @ 844 mhz (+135mhz boost) and 900 mhz memory clock overclocked @ 1000 ...my 3dmark score was 2180 / 2210 marks now I have 405mhz stock clock 405 mhz boost clock and 1000 mhz memory clock, max boost overclock is set to +405 @ 810, and I get 1975 2000 3dmarks
  4. ok, bios flash succesful using freedos, but I can't overclock more than 810mhz (405mhz stock speed), nvidia inspector show a grayed shader speed tab instead of boost speed... see attachment.... my 3dMark 11 scores were lower than when I ran it on official overclocked 2.13, tried overclocking the p8 state, right click apply clocks and voltage and then apply to all higher p-states but no luck, not enough voltage.. nvidia inspector screenshot: GPU-Z vmodded 2.13 @ stock clock
  5. ok, I get the error 104 using version provided in post #90 --- info.txt I get error 28 using version with modded fparts file --- info2.txt
  6. my error code: PDR Region does not exist. GBE Region does not exist. Error 28: Protected Range Registers are currently set by bios, preventing flash access. Please contact the target system BIOS vendor for an optionto disable Protected Range registers. using the tools provided in the post I got Error 104: The 2 SPI flash devices do not have compatible command set
  7. me too, because I'm waiting to mod the display to 1080p .... but we have to wait and see if svl7 can vmod my 2.13 dump
  8. any luck with the v. 2.13 dump I provided?
  9. here's the 2.13 updated .bin file, hope it helps dump2.13.zip
  10. Well my dump.bin file in the other thread is a dump of a new model (Windows 8) I can update to 2.13 and provide another .bin file if you need it
  11. I tried using FN + ESC recovery method with secure boot option disabled, but no luck! what about force downgrade from 2.xx to 1.xx using fptw64?
  12. @svl7 tell me if there's something I can do to help, seems that many users gets stuck with these refreshed acer v3 and waiting for this mod
  13. and here's my gpu-z screenshot
  14. here's the dump.bin file created by fptw64 dump.zip
  15. Intel ® Flash Programming Tool. Version: Copyright © 2007 - 2012, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Platform: Intel® HM77 Express Chipset Reading HSFSTS register... Flash Descriptor: Valid --- Flash Devices Found --- W25Q32BV ID:0xEF4016 Size: 4096KB (32768Kb) MX25L8005 ID:0xC22014 Size: 1024KB (8192Kb) Error 104: The 2 SPI flash devices do not have compatible command sets.

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