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  1. Right noted. Got myself a DVI male to VGA female for a dollar off eBay, I'll see what I can do in a week or 2. Sent from my GT-I8190 using Tapatalk 4
  2. Benchmarks are internal LCD I'll try get that on some time after. My eGPU is dismantled atm because my desk is lacking space and I need it for something else. Noted that, I'll experiment with the external LCD (900p) when I'm ready. Got no idea on the performance level I'll be expecting. I'll be taking some pics too Edit: I forgot that I lost my DVI cable a long time ago... Probably I'll try finding it. Btw for best performance on an external monitor, simply plug in the DVI cable to the eGPU? Do I have to switch anything related to primary and secondary monitors via Windows display settings?
  3. Wouldn't mind having a little help to take the ".txt" off the title. I brought it over from notepad.
  4. [Reserved post...] For users who want to reverse the order of the Windows bootloader to let the first option be Setup 1.x instead of Windows 7, use a tool like EasyBCD. The countdown timer can also be lengthened/shortened with this tool. It also looks like the PCI space requirement for the GTX650Ti Boost *could possibly* be following its bigger brother, GTX660 since it is an almost full featured GK106. Unlike the rest of the GTX650 series (650/650Ti non-boost). Installation encountered no issues at all. Tested only benchmarks and Crysis 2 so far. Crysis 2 was buttery smooth on extreme preset. Edit: Thanks for the formatting chmod PS @ Nando4, HP's Sandybridge model doesn't include a DV4. Dm4 is the exact 2011 replacement for the DV4 series in 2011. (very similar to DV6-6000 & DV7-7000 internally and externally)
  5. Hello all, the purpose of this guide is purely for sharing and referential purposes and largely aimed at similar variants of this notebook. However, I do not guarantee it'll give you the exact compatibility as with any OEMs, products can be marketed under the same model while its components can come in different revisions with slight changes take the reference as a guide only at your own risk. System Specs for HP DM4-30**tx(Relevant Ones) Motherboard Model: HP 1794 CPU: i5-2450M (2.5GHz) iGPU: Intel HD 3000 dGPU: Radeon HD 7470M (Hybrid + Switchable Compatible, has Integrated Graphics in other words) mPCIe: x1 Yes, whitelisted PCI-e plugged to a stock Intel 1030N NIC Chipset: Intel HM67 B3 Related HP Laptops HP DV6-6000 (Intel only) HP DV7-6000 (Intel only) HP Dm4-30** (Intel only) Unrelated Systems (IMPORTANT) HP DV6-6000 (AMD) HP DV7-6000 (AMD) HP Dm4-31**^ (and above, these are using Ivybridge HM7* chipsets and boards) ^Considered a different system from Dm4-30**. Software/OS Environment (OPTIONAL) Generic copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit made from a bootable USB using my OEM activation code. The link is Microsoft's official digitalriver mirror, it is legit. To put it on a 4GB+ Flash drive: Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool Reason: Get rid of bloat and OEM customisation in case it conflicts with the eGPU setup. What I used DIY eGPU Setup 1.x Software, version 1.30 (PM Nando4 to arrange a download) Port: HM67 mPCIe (Wi-Fi card removed) WLAN Card: If you need it, buy a USB one. PE4L-PM060A (60cm, v2.1) FSP Hexa 500W 80+ PSU 12V@18A (Or other PSU that can support your eGPU's power draw Asus GTX 650 Ti Boost (OC Model) - No problems with PCI space, it should be same as GTX660 in this area. nVidia ForceWare 314.22 WHQL from nVidia (Not using the problematic R319) (Optional) Uninstall Microsoft Update KB2670838 and hide it permanently if you're BSODing from igdpmd64.sys (broken Windows update conflicting with Intel HD driver), your Internet explorer will rollback to IE9. Before You Start Login to your admin account. Disable User Account Control (Slider all the way down). Search for it from the start menu search tool. Software Installation Instructions Setting Up eGPU Benchmarks 3DMark06 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost video card benchmark result - Intel Core i5-2450M Processor,Hewlett-Packard 1794 (Invalid due to 16:9) 3DMark Vantage NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost video card benchmark result - Intel Core i5-2450M Processor,Hewlett-Packard 1794 3DMark 11 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost video card benchmark result - Intel Core i5-2450M Processor,Hewlett-Packard 1794 Hope it helps. Good luck with your experiment. :star::Banane22::Banane11::Banane43:
  6. Encrypted11

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    Thanks, I'll look into that soon Sent from my GT-I9505G using Tapatalk 4
  7. Encrypted11

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    So I've got all components ready. (eGPU in sig +PE4L) Using Setup 1.x, I've been able to get my eGPU (GTX 650 Ti Boost) detected immediately. Driver installation was a success. Here's what I've done so far as a first try Installed setup 1.x Connected eGPU via mPCIe Turned off dGPU Attempted PCI Compaction (iGPU eGPU) Hot reset the PCI port for Nvidia Chainload to Windows 7 Installed Intel HD 3000 3190WHQL driver. Installed Nvidia driver 314.22 (for to avoid R319 that can potentially have issues) Optimus works but I currently have the problems listed below: When using the Chainload test run option, this message appeared 3DMark Ice Storm score: Generic VGA video card benchmark result - Intel Core i5-2450M Processor,Hewlett-Packard 1794 Cloud Gate: Generic VGA video card benchmark result - Intel Core i5-2450M Processor,Hewlett-Packard 1794 Am I missing out something to get the eGPU working properly at the very least? Btw, no encounters of error 12 or error 10 in device manager at all. I haven't got the time to test things out further so far. Would appreciate if someone could help me with this issue.
  8. Encrypted11

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    Thanks for the assurance! Sent from my GT-I8190 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  9. Encrypted11

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    I need help with this question, would appreciate some help here. I got an ATX PSU from a friend's old PC. Its rated 300W on the box, 2 rails, no PCIe connector, has enough molexes to adapt it to 6 pin PCIe via 2 molex. Its 12V rails are 12V1@10A, 12V2@13A respectively. Its made by Solytech. Are the specs of this PSU overrated? Does adapting the molexes give me enough amp to run a 134W TDP GTX 650 Ti Boost safely or do I need a better power supply?
  10. Didn't know it was a non-issue. That's interesting. At the same time, sorry for the unintended confusion.
  11. Encrypted11

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

  12. On this question, I don't know. I'm still very new to the eGPU project like you, but I happen to know the thing about what I said on the last post.
  13. Yeah, it does not run hybrid graphics but switchable graphics instead. In the old switchable graphics implementation both the iGP and dGP can talk directly to the monitor, flashes flicks of black screens as the graphics switches, unlike in Optimus/Enduro where the dGP has to talk to the iGP so that it'll pass the signals to the display.
  14. Looking at your system, is it a pre-optimus implementation model? I'm not sure if GMA 4500 had Optimus. I had a Penryn Low Voltage (P Series, not L series) some years back and it only had switchable graphics.

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