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  1. Hi everybody, Do the Gt70 Ms-1762 (barebone) have a Bios chip that is soldered directly to the mainboard or is it in a socket so i could remove it? i found a german website, where i can buy a bios chip with the bios that i want on it, so i said i have a unlocked bios file, they told me that that is no problem but they need to know the number on the bios chip and if the bios chip can be removed from the mainbord, if anybody opened his laptop completely and know it, that would be nice if he told me ^^ sry for my poor english but i think everybody knows what i want to say.
  2. here the bios file E1762IG6.30J : http://dl.ect-distribution.de/download.php?downloadid=3703&sc=1125424
  3. im fine with 5% on fsb^^ but i think my bios isn't listed on the first site
  4. can you unlock my bios? so with an unlocked bios i am able to overclock my i7-3630qm?
  5. crystal disk mark doesnt want to run on my laptop mhhh
  6. so just to get it right, MSI 680m -'OCedition'_revised_02 this one just allows me to overlock with msi after burner, and the others with OV 1000,1025,1050 are with voltage mods? how far can i go with each OV version?
  7. could someone help me? im from germany so my english isn´t that good, i bought a sefmade laptop from an internet site, what version do i need to unlock my card? just overclocking the core clock via msi afterbuner is fine to me,
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