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    Problems With GT 60 0NE

    i have this guy's exact issue. Except mine took a month and a half to burn out. I sent it for Rma, got it back 3 weeks later and it froze the same way after playing crysis 3 for about 3 hours.. (they said they replaced the video card but most likely just put thermal grease and reseated it) so same issue it froze with sound repeating. So i turned it off and back on and weird character were showing all over the screen this time. I turned it off and back on again and it booted with the intel graphics, but no nvidia card detected anymore. So I had to ship it back again. I would really have preferred if they just sent me the video card like they did for this guy, as I use this for work too, but they said I had to send the laptop again. I have the 403us 680m version. I've lost all confidence in this laptop and I hope to sell it soon and cut my losses. I just got it back again today, playing crysis 3 and temperatures hit 93 degrees without turbo fan on. I put some IC Diamond and its helping a bit, (about 4 degree temperature difference) but I am still have fears after reading original posters comment. In general it is amazing when it works.. does anyone else have trouble with newer games like crysis 3 and tombraider hitting 90-93 degrees on gpu? I'd prefer to not have to turn on the loud turbo fan to play a game.
  2. I found a problem with the vbios files posted here and gt60 0ne-403us. I tried both the MSI stock voltage vbios and the and MSI 680m -'OCedition'_revised_02 - OV 1000v.zip The framerates are higher in most games, furkmark, etc, but there is some sort of bug in battlefield 3 where the framerate will cap at 30 fps and only 30-50% gpu is utilized. Even if you set the game to lowest settings, still stuck at 30fps. Tried changing power settings, vsync, etc.. but it appears it is definitely a problem with the modified vbios. When I revert back to my original backup vbios, 98% gpu is utilized again and framerates are back to normal. In console type render.drawfps 1 to display framerate in bf3 and test. I've tried messing with gametime.maxvariablefps 60 but still stays at constant 30-31 fps. Let me know if any of you also have this issue.
  3. haggler

    Gaming Headset

    I like my turtle beach xp500, works great on both pc and xbox 360. I did have a get a sound blaster card with dolby digital live support. it gives 5.1 surround sound on the headset for the pc games. I have the fatal1ty titanium pro. It also has bluetooth on it so I can use it with my iphone at times. Overall i'm very happy with it, but it's kind of expensive.
  4. I had similar issue, I remembered pressing f3 during boot, the went to advanced options and msi factory restore and was good to go.
  5. Yes, I had the same issue until I flashed the EC, if you have the gt60 403us model, make sure you are using the t17 ec version, not t16.
  6. So I just got the GT60 0ne-403us a few days ago, I did the beta EC flash (T17 version) to help with the random large framerate dips I was getting in games. It helped a lot and fixed that problem.. My question is, for my model laptop and the 680m, which vbios should I use, I would like to stay at stock voltage for now, I see svl7 just added a file MSI 680m -'OCedition'_revised_02 - OV 1000v.zip, is that the one I should use? I was hoping to get +300/+500 with stock voltage if possible. I just want to make sure I'm picking the right file before flashing this thing.
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