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  1. the only fix for mine has been to replace the motherboard. twice it's happened on different occasions. and it seems to be the fix it all thing to do... when in doubt replace motherboard.
  2. I will donate even more as well. someone's gotta figure it out sooner or later I hope.
  3. i5 should be fine with the sl7 bios. it's us with the newest i7's that have problems
  4. tried warning you... my post was right above yours...
  5. THIS BIOS WILL BRICK ANY 3630QM CPU 7720's... ask me how I know... it doesn't immediately do it, and will run fine until you do a cold boot. seems to be fine for 3600 i7's though... idk if there will ever be a fix... been watching the forums for it and haven't seen much.
  6. @sl7 any word on the windows8 crap? it's kind of bothersome that I can't OC my GPU nor can I revert to the A01 bios because of whatever dell monkeyed with. EDIT--------------------- FIXED, run in windows 7 compatibility mode. seems to work... tested and working fine. Thanks!
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