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  1. Motherboard & graphic card replaced this morning. Graphic card wasn't needed but as the tech guy brought it..... Now everything is working again.... everything but the sound, but that's another story.
  2. Another happy R4 downgrade 8) From A09 to A05. Now time to test mod BIOS Edit: Alienware completely bricked due to a bad flash upgrading to A10 mod. Waiting for tech to replace motherboard ((. I think I won't repeat the exprience
  3. Mine is from mid-september, without the latest vbios. I won't lose secure or fast boot if I flash this vbios? It's not the same case as with your mod-bios, no? Thanks.
  4. I know there's no point in using secure boot but, is there any other drawback with your bios. Fast boot??? And maybe I'm wrong as I can't see attachments yet but what we gain is only for overclocking? ----- Not mine, but it's not so new (Mid-September). And I was wrong about the error in bios, it does!!! I think I didn't realize before. I'll try to flash when I can download 8) Edit: Alienware bricked. No lights, no beeps, no nothing . Waiting for a motherboard replacement. Is it possible to flash in msdos? I didn't find anything, just for Windows.
  5. I'm in the same boat ;-), but with A09. If I manage to downgrade and upgrade to A10 unlocked, will I lose secure boot or UEFI boot?? Am I saying nonsenses??? Thanks.
  6. My M17x r4 with 680m and 3D screen is affected too? I checked the bios and I don't have the latest one, but I've never had any error. FYI booting GPT Win8Pro. Thanks.
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