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  1. That last photo is the webcam cable. The screen cable is located in the left hinge.
  2. I didnt want to send my laptop off for a few weeks. I was able to continue word with an external monitor. btw I've voided the warranty by removing the warranty void stickers to determine what the problem was. Time is money, 2 weeks without my laptop wouldnt have been good for me.
  3. Finished, quite a fiddling to separate the screen bezel. But after all nothing broke and my screen is up and running again. I have a fully functioning laptop again
  4. The cable is here, im starting. Wish me luck
  5. My dell m4400 had that option too. I would love that it would disable after a few seconds, especially when watching youtube videos and movies.
  6. Ive seen that my cable has arrived in my country, I hope I can fix it this week. A laptop that serves as a desktop is not fun...
  7. What kind of tape do I need? What do you mean with 'use a cable in holder'?
  8. I will try, Im still waiting for the cable. I once follewed the service manual en extracted my keyboard, motherboard until bare. But i havent detached my screen cause it looks so flimsy. If anyone could show me how to extract the screen and how this cable should be replaced? The laptop is now in one peace again without any broken parts, I will reopen everything once ive got this cable and take pictures of my progress.
  9. I have bought this one. NEW LENOVO Ideapad Y500 Laptop LCD LVDS CABLE QIQY6 DC02001ME0J , FOR FULL HD | eBay Its the only one I could find. Hopefully there is fast shipping.
  10. Hello, since today the cable that goes from the motherboard to my screen has got damaged. In particulary in the hinge part, i can sometimes see something but my screen needs to stand at about 50 degrees. Is this cable replacable or do i need to buy a whole new screen? Where can i order a cable? i can see the screens can be bought cheap at laptopscreen? THX
  11. 85 degrees is still good. I remember that my fx770 quadro could reach 105 degrees in my old precision m4400. Keep up the good work.
  12. your HDD must be formatted to a GPT partition, I had this problem as well. After thats done you can install Windows and uefi will work immediately.
  13. I dont care about the start button not being there, Ive been using this laptop for over 10 hours a day and i dont miss it in any way. With a Msata this system is even more awesome. Current changes with this laptop are a Crucial 256gb ssd and a 750GB momentus Xt.
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