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  1. hey guys thank you for your great forum, I am currently having a problem with charging the laptop ( reset battery gauge issue) my warranty is over anyway so would updating the bios fix this issue, and where can I download it? thanks
  2. I guess its synaptics but am not sure, I will p.m you when I check tonight.
  3. me to I have no touchpad issue what so ever, except the the two finger tap right menu doesn`t work, but its no big deal, besides its much easier to navigate with a mouse attached. so you guys are saying that HD4000 can be enabled visa this bios version? I will try to download it again now.
  4. am so glad I found a thread that kinda gives hope in enabling HD4000 issue, frost-dc were you able to enable HD4000 since I am a very new user and apparently I cannot see the pics nor download the modded bios version. is it safe to flash to this bios?, my bios version is 1.03 and I couldn`t find a link where I can update bios from lenovo website. I havn`t upgraded to sli yet so it would be a real treat if I could get the power efficiency of HD4000
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