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  1. Hi everyone, (Sorry for my english level ) This is my system: HP pavilion 17-e017dx, CPU AMD A10-5750M, 8GB RAM, Window 10 Pro-64Bit, EXP GDC BEAST, mini PCIe, Nvidia GT730, external monitor via HDMI pluged to eGPU First time, I connect all parts normally as instruction on internet. Turn on laptop, it seem the laptop recognize eGPU and show the windows booting on external monitor, then show ACPI BIOS ERROR. I update bios (InsydeH2O), but no result. I try to boot with Kali linux USB, so suprised, everything works well. I can use Kali linux on external monitor via eGPU. No need to install driver or set up anything. I try with Windows 10 live on USB, but no luck, still ACPI Bios error. After many research, I can bypass ACPI error, go to window 10, recognize egpu, install driver for it, fix code 12, 43 error. Show: "This device is working properly" in Device magager. But it seems that egpu does not work real, check by GPUZ, missing lot of information (Pic4), cannot switch to external monitor. Open Nvidia control panel show: Nvidia display setting are not available. (these is error when upload images, sorry) Can anyone give me the solution? Thanks a lot
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