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  1. Also here with M18X R1 Just bought it for "style" and will be cranking it up a little ATM: i7 2820QM 16GB RAM crossfired 2x 6970M
  2. Sorry for bothering you guys but one small question... Will the bios version fit the R1 model? I recently bought a cheap one and would like to tune it up... No matter the costs but i just love it's design Already found a 2960XM to switch my current 2920QM... Atm it has crossfired Radeons 6970M but i found a matching single GTX1060 4GB (75W) with 100W Nvidia M18X heat sink and would like to use it I can choose left or right heat sink - which one would you suggest? I know that setup is not meant to play modern games in high settings but it should run some of not the newest titles in med/low... I'm not in a hurry but looking for some answers EDIT : Sorry i'm still learning AW so already figured out R2 bios won't work with R1... And probably 1060 won't work either... Have to take a look at 780 or 880...
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