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  1. get the mod .inf here LaptopVideo2Go: Drivers and install the drivers and play!
  2. you can upgrade to 16GB Ram work perfect but really no are necesary and are safe upgrade vga 670m, 675mx etc...the temps in my 670m are idle: 40-50ºC and gaming 70-90maxºC
  3. i use this ARCTIC MX-4 (4g & 20g) · Thermal Compound · Cooling · ARCTIC
  4. Sorry i upload to other side: www.laser-arts.com/GF114-670M-15GB.rom www.laser-arts.com/GF114-670M-3GB.rom
  5. Sure GF114 670M 1.5GB.rom: https://gofile.me/24b15/1P1ByupG GF114 670M 3GB.rom: https://gofile.me/24b15/oRaTqWNH
  6. Hello, i have a laptopmonkey Nvidia GTX670M 1,5GB ram the vbios are (P1314-0006) and other user have other GTX670M 3GB ram and have vbios version (P1314-0008) i can update to this vbios my 670M?
  7. svl7 i change all themalpads of my system but i have a question ¿have to put theermal pad in these areas where it appears in the photo the red arrow? do I have bought thermalpads 0.5 mm phobia (contact done well for condensers and memory modules) I've seen that if I put there those thermalpads don't contact already that are not as too wide, I need to buy another thermalpad wider? from 5 mm?
  8. I have same problem using the last nvidia drivers 310.90 for fix i roolback to 310.70 and the dimmer screen work fine.
  9. Thanks svl7, i no like OC in CPU and VGA i allways work in stocks clocks. I try to repaste the GPU and check the thermal pads. But It's strange when I active stealh mode mode the vga has no throttling.
  10. i think no, you are view the second GPUZ log? here more throttling using stock clocks, people in other forum say the only solution are undervolt my gpu, but i no have idea how to for fix my throttling problems.
  11. I don't want to overclock I do not like have problems of throttling.
  12. I record other log farcry3 play more throttling... http://www.laser-arts.com/GPU-Z%20Sensor%20Log%202.txt that I can do to fix it? increase the voltage?
  13. yes in game fps drops, yesterday playing farcry3 had more throttling times, i testing now one more time.
  14. Playing any game example farcry3 have throttles i add the log. www.laser-arts.com/GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt
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