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  1. I still don't get any sound out of my HDMI out port to my SmartTV. Windows does not seem to detect any HDMi out digital audio device in the playback list as it used to do.
  2. Anyone? I had enough of alienware and DELL complicating things and limiting system modifications. I changed GFX from 460M to 680M 3-4 years ago and everything now on requires modding, hacking etc etc to get the drivers to work and I still cant get sound out of my HDMI to work since Win 10 (I think). If no one can help in this matter then I better start saving for a non-complicated laptop such as ASUS, should I not?
  3. @J95I am aware of that. The playback devices as the attached screenshot shows has one which says "not plugged in". I believe that is my HDMI-out to which my Smart TV is connected to. I cannot do much except disable it in properties.
  4. @J95, Thanks J! I managed to install the V368.81 now with the associated modded INF file, I still don't get sound from my HDMI-out to my Smart TV. Is this a GFX/nvidia driver issue or is it motherboard/Intel driver related?
  5. Hi J95, I am trying to install the optimus drivers for win 10 (although not sure if I should use the PEG version) following the steps you describe but without success? What is the flash @prema thingy? My Alienware m17 R3 says it cannot find my nvidia GFX card (GF 680M). I've added the modded inf file and I disabled driver enforcement and deleted the folders as described. What I have not done is the Bcedit command as I get access denied in cmd when entering that command.
  6. Several nvidia drivers has passed me now. I have the 310.09 installed and Nvidias driver page is displaying 327 as the latest WQL. Now updating my drivers won't work the ordinary way due to detection failure of the GTX 680M cardb:uncomfortableness:, which by the way is not the original card in my m17 r3, former card was 560M. Any help on giving my card new drivers? I'd like to stay updated, like i once used to be //Chris
  7. Considering the score i got i should be happy and not mind any more OCing. Because I will mainly do gaming and some autodesking/cading. Agree? =) Youre the man!
  8. Ah thanks, never thought of nvidia inspector Take a look here mate, the bios is invalid? perhaps that can explain why i still have not unlocked the voltage? Score update http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/5522480 I still need your wisdom on the vbios displaying "[invalid]" in the inspector.
  9. Iam using the unlocked A12 bios for m17x R3 yes. 3dmark 11 score was P5900 my system :: 16gb corsair vengeance 1600mz / gtx 680M 4gb / i7 2670QM Oh and BTW! I still cant see the unlocked volt and shader clock and for the rest is still limited in MSI afterburner.
  10. Sorry,, I meant SVL7 ofcourse =) Well i'll leave the thoughs on the "clevo or dell card" matter now because I really don't think it'll be of any troubles. As for those clocks. When benchmarked with 3dmark 11 tests i could see on the monitoring that it went from 325 to 425 (because i've increased to another 100mghz, but only 100 because it was limited) I have not changed anything nor have i checked the msi afterburner since i rebooted after the vbios flash. I will have a look in there after work. What should i expect next time I open up msi afterburner by the way? That all limits are gone and that shader clock + core voltage are unlocked? --- Ahh forgot to give the other inputs. Drivers are 310.90, AC adapter connected and one screen
  11. Well.. here is the card on ebay. "USE ONLY WITH ALIENWARE 17x/18x" etc. I flashed the card with the clevo vbios but i have not tried any OC and i don't think that it would give me issues doing so. It seems to work just fine as it is now. But what do you suggest me to do Slv? ---- Hi again SLV! Please forgive me for being a half noob but why is MSI afterburner displaying 325mhz as core clock speed? The memory is 1800 mhz as the rest of the world. Is this correct or is my core clock underclocked somehow? It has nothing to do with the nvflash because it had the same speed before vbios flash. I reacted to that when i saw the nvidia specifications on their website. So is my core clock speed the half of which it should be or am i missing some dual channel technology here?
  12. I seee.. I suspected this when i saw the error first. Can you actually tell me by that ID error weather its an MSI card or Clevo card? would be much easier to flash it then. But it irritates me that upgradeyourlaptop @ ebay sold me an non Dell card even tho the item title was alienware gtx 680M. As shown in the HWinfo it is a DELL 680M card but that can't be true, right? In any case, would i experience issues if its not a Dell card (not that i experience anything now) when flashing to vbios for clevo/MSI? Its an alienware m17 -r3 fyi. Okey i've managed to flash the cards vbios now with the clevo version. conclusion? It is a "clevo card". upgrademylaptop @ ebay says tho that it is a universal card which is tested to work on both aliens, clevos and msis. Iam sure it does work on all types, else it would not have run on my m17-r3.
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