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  1. Disregard, I figured out the 104 error on my own. For those getting the Error 104, you will have 2 devices mentioned in the error output. All you need to do is go into the fparts.txt file for the two corresponding device rows and make the chip erase command match for both devices. Try 0x60 or Oxc7 for both affected rows. I changed both affected rows to 0x60 in my case and the flash process worked from there while also running prr.exe first to get past an additional error 28. I'm now running svl7's bios and can put in my own WLAN cards
  2. primalrend

    Using different gpu

    I would also like an answer to this. I'm using x2 gt650m with y500. PS I have SLI bridging enabled in nvidia preferences however when I look at GPU in task manager, it still only uses one of the cards. Let me know if you know how to get GPU usage distributed to both
  3. 39 for me and been a user since CS 1.6 in 2002...
  4. The LG TV software may not support whatever type of certificate security that wcoforever.net uses. Check apps on the TV and see if you're able to download a different browser then that may be another option.
  5. I would say the graphics card is far more important than the screen size.. but go for 17 or higher too.
  6. I've used Arctic Silver as termal paste for 20 something years and step1/2 to clean prior and haven't had any issues. The key is to thoroughly remove contamination from previous thermal material and use a very small amount of paste
  7. Can anyone PM me the fixed fparts.txt file to get past the Error 104 issue or just dump the txt file contents in a reply?
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