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  1. mach2jh

    Call of Duty black ops 2

    This is a game game! I still like BL:OP2 a little better, I feel like they're just very different games. But I think as a game (without comparing it to BL:OP2) it's extremely well put together. And the graphics are sick on the right computer.
  2. mach2jh

    Favourite desktop brand?

    Like others said, a custom build is the way to go. But if I had to pick one of the big names I'd probably go with ASUS as I've had the best luck with their laptops.
  3. mach2jh

    Asus or Clevo?

    The asus republic of gamers line is pretty solid. I love ASUS because they have one of the lowest fail rights on the market right now and seem to have decent support. But if you need power I would definitely look into their RoG line of laptops.

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