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  1. So, the swap was successful, but I encountered a new problem. The i7-3840QM is recognized in the BIOS correctly as it is but windows shows it as i5-3340M. Is there anything I can do to correct this issue? I want the processor to work properly and that windows uses it as intended EDIT: Nah, its okay now. Just a Windows update and two restarts and everything is ok. BTW the thermal management is now very good, even without additional software-modding (as suggested). No fan when booting up, long time no fan in idle and until now (downloaded/updated some games, high load on CPU [~70%] and SSD [up to 100%]) the fan has not reached max level (i observed that it has about 5 power levels, 0/25/50/75/100% and never got over 75%). So far i am very satisfied how the general result turned out Just for Info, here is my HW-spec: - i7-3820QM - 16GB ram - 504GB SSD - maxed out heatsink Everything else is standard. For everyone interested, i installed a massive 2mm copper plate (in "+" shape, to maximize the contact surface to the aluminim block) on the heatsink (Arctic Silver MX-4 in the center and on the ribs, attached with EC360 thermal conductive silicone glue), 1x2mm copper shim (lower potion of the heatsink-pipe) and 1x1mm copper shim (upper potion) and 4x1,5mm copper shims on the heatsink. All copper shims are attached with the EC360 glue and have a size of 15mmx15mm. The "Heat-Vortex" (as i call it ^^) is coupled with the MX-4 thermal paste to the processor. For being the very first time touching a processor, thermal paste and a heatsink myself i am very pleased with the result and that noching went wrong or shorted out
  2. Hi there! I own a 2570P and just read, that i could upgrade its CPU a bit. But i am not completely sure, which one to get to fit properly to the socket and the peripherals in general. Could someone help me out? My laptop has the i5-3340M installed, chipset seems to be "7 Series/C216" or QM77 (according to the hardware manager, i dont know which one applies). BIOS version is V73 Rev. A. (just upgraded). I was going with the i7-3740QM (or 3820QM) but will it fit the socket and work in general? Do i have to make any modifications to the BIOS (or other settings) to make it work properly? Many thanks in advance! EDIT: Ok, i found the top post... stupid me. I will go for a 3820QM, adjust it a tad with Throttlestop and mod the heatsink slightly with some copper pads. I have tried to find a 820 G1 Keyboard, but there are no real offers (mostly unilluminated). And i have read here, that the connectors and physical appearance do not fit properly, so i will stick to night vision goggles ^^ EDIT2: Is there any fan that is better then the stock one? I just thought about upgrading it too, but i cant find any information about the stock one to look for a better after market part... EDIT3: So everything is on its way, i am going to glue a 2mm copper plate on the heatsink (over the complete surface, glue on the left and right side, thermal paste in the middle) and some copper shims near to the outlet. I just wanted to add a custom boot logo but my HP_TOOLS partition is missing, And in addition i do not know which tool is necessary to recreate it. Some folks in the internet have asked the same question but the link to the HP support page is dead, so i am still clueless... Maybe someone has an image of an original driver disc around and could upload it somewhere, that would be great
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