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  1. Hi all, this forum is for all known possible upgrades to the dell precision m6700. so far from my testing and looking around the internet some of the max upgrades you can do are •intel core i7-3940xm (not worth it if you have the 3740qm, The 3940 is 55w and might thermal throttle whilst the 3740 is only 45w.) •32gb of ddr3 ram @1600mhz •16gb ddr3 @1866 •an Alienware 980m (other models might work but also have been known to be hard to get working) •1080p ips 120hz panel 40 and 50 pin (there isn’t a lot of info about screen upgrades, but it seems both 40 pin and 50 pin laptops can be upgraded at the cost of optimus and the igpu, if you know much about the screens please comment.) •WiFi 6/bt 5.0 (windows 10 and up) •WiFi 5/bt4.0 (windows 10 and below) •4g lte mobile data card/gps •Blue-ray reader/burner •4 storage options (2 hdd bays, an msata slot and the dvd dive can be used as a hdd bay, technically at the sacrifice of the mobile data slot you can put two msata cards in the computer.) •1 external battery via the dell slate battery (can add 2 hours to battery life if new) •express card 54 slot (can be used for external gpus or egpus •web cam •finger print reader •RFID card reader •Backlit keyboard •Full Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11 support (with modification) •port replicator will add serial, ps2, dvi and a few usb slots as far as I know this is all of the upgrades you can do to the m6700, if anyone knows anymore/corrections, be sure to comment!
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