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  1. To answer my own question, a Wifi 6 card works fine. I put an AX210-based Wifi 6E card in my y500 (after doing the bios mod), and it works great, as does the card's bluetooth capability ... I don't have a 6ghz capable router to test with, but since 2.4 and 5 work OK, I'd assume 6 would too. The particular card I got is this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09CDFV2CL/. I had to download drivers directly from Intel, Windows did not already have them (in fact, neither did windows update). I had to dig out an Ethernet cable, I recommend pre-downloading if you want to avoid that. As much as I love Lenovo's build quality, this will be my last Lenovo laptop. I did a little more research and it appears that they're still doing whitelists to this day ... and well, that's total BS. If it weren't for the people who put all the hard work into figuring this out, I'd be stuck either using a USB dongle or getting a new laptop. Thanks, everyone!
  2. An old HPz420 with a cheap ebay MegaRAID 9621 in raid 6 mode, connected to a bunch of cheap secondhand 4TB SAS drives. Running backblaze unlimited for off-site. Works like a charm and was very low-cost ... only downside is it drinks power like it's free.
  3. If you want the absolute best performance, you need to get a wifi router, put it in bridge mode, and then wire it to the PC via multigig. Add-in cards never support more than 3 spatial streams, but many routers have far more, and can therefore achieve higher rates than a card.
  4. "Because of security concerns, RemoteFX vGPU is disabled by default on all versions of Windows starting with the July 14, 2020 Security Update and removed starting with the April 13, 2021 Security Update. To learn more, see KB 4570006." I think you may be SOL.
  5. So should we re-visit this question? Are there any *actual* 5G cards that'll work with an unlocked BIOS (because that would be awesome)
  6. Looking at a new Ideapad Pro, and from the parts manual it looks like Lenovo still has specific wifi cards that are 'compatible' with the laptop. Does this mean that Lenovo is still doing whitelist shenanigans in 2022? After discovering the whitelist post-purchase on my Y500, I swore I'd never again buy a whitelisted laptop, but I'd heard that Lenovo had quit doing it some time ago. Anyone know whether the Ideapad Pros fall under a more enlightened policy?
  7. Hi all, considering upgrading my laptop and I'm wondering if anyone knows whether their are any particularly light 3050 based 15 or (preferably) 16" (16:10) laptops out? I'm aware of the ROG g14 as an option, but really want a bigger display. Seems like everything I can find is in the ~4lbs range, and I'm dreaming of something more in the upper ~2lbs to lower ~3lbs range. 1080 or 1200P is fine, soldered RAM is undesirable but acceptable, and I'm note hugely concerned with TGP. If there are any designs that magically jam a 3060 or 3070 into a light-ish laptop, please feel free to include them in consideration too. Ideally I'd like to stay under ~$1500, so I realize that higher tier GPUs will likely be inaccessible.
  8. So it's 2022 now, and 802.11ax / Wifi 6 is the new standard. Wondering if anyone has successfully tried a Wifi 6 card (esp. one w/ 160Mhz support) in an unlocked Y500? After upgrading to an SSD my 9 year old y600 is still going strong, but the Wifi performance is a serious annoyance.
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