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  1. I am sorry for the late reply. I don't think I have a slightly different Intel Graphics Card, it is UHD 620, DEV_5917.. The issues went away, not sure what I did. Except the white screens when playing videos or gifs from the web. Just a question if I'm not too late, do you get white screens for split seconds when attempting to play videos from the web in Windows 7? It could be an exclusive issue to Windows 8.1.. EDIT: Okay, after going through the horrors of installing Windows 7 on an NVMe and hoping legacy boot won't screw anything up, I can say that using this modified driver in Windows 7 doesn't seem to cause any issues for me. Both monitors work, VLC hardware acceleration works out of the box, the screen doesn't turn white for split second when trying to play videos from YouTube, playing 3D games also works. It is a perfect escape from Windows 10 you could say! Thank you Mengqin for making this possible!
  2. Hello, did someone here got hardware acceleration all up and running? Mine was crashing in editing software, Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player. I did all the modifications in the post.
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