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  1. I've been running the 880M with the flashed vbios in my m17x r5 for a week now, been running perfectly, not overclocked. Now all of a sudden I boot my system to find "Nvidia windows kernel mode driver 347.52 stopped responding and was recovered successfully”, the GUI then proceeds to become extremely slow until I get a black screen and have to manually shut the system down. I have just restored the backup of the vbios and the error has gone. Is this a problem with the OC rom not being compatible with the latest driver update? Not sure why this has happened as it was running perfectly for a week with no problems. Apart from this, I really appreciate all the work that has been put into these modified files, its AWESOME!
  2. I have modified bios and I have changed every combination under the graphics tab in the advanced section. I actually have a seperate thread about this. If you can halp, please shed some light! The thread is here http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m17x-aw-17/7688-m17x-r4-upgrade-7970m-clevo-780m.html
  3. This could be the reason! Before you even installed drivers was the card recognised in the bios? When I inserted the card into my m17x r4 it wasn't even recognised in the bios. That was a Clevo card. A Dell card is on the way! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Hey all! About to buy a Dell 780m for my m17x r4 and just wanted to check with you all that it would be compatible with my system. I'm only asking as I bought a Clevo 780m and it wasn't recognised! Thanks!
  5. Hi, please see my latest thread http://forum.techinferno.com/showthread.php?t=7688 (Couldn't figure how to delete this one) Sent from my unknown using Tapatalk
  6. Hi all! Recently purchased a new Clevo branded 780M GPU to fit into my m17X R4 (replacing the 7970M). After inserting the card and altering the bios settings (disable iGPU, primary display PEG) I receive 6 beeps. I have also followed this brief guide to installing the card: - Unplug power cord - Remove battery - Hold power buttonfor 30 seconds - Remove CMOS coin battery(next to GPU fan) - Remove gtx 770m -> 2 screws only, there's no need to remove the heat sink. - Reinsert CMOS battery - Plug power cord - Power on -> Beeps -> hold power buttonuntil shutdown. - Power on -> F2 -> disable the integrated graphics - Second Advanced Menu -> Video Configuration -> disable IGP -> set display to PEG -> Exit menu 'Save Without Exit' -> shutdown. - Reinsert gtx 770m. - Power ON -> F2 -> shutdown. //6 BEEPS START FROM THIS POINT - Reinsert Battery. - Additionally I have tried enabling "Always Enabler PEG" - with no success. Same 6 beeps - Used NVFlash to determine if it could see the card - no nvidia card detected. - I should also mention that no heatsink has been attached to the card during this process, 1 because I haven't received the correct sized screws, 2 because I don't think it would be required as no excess heat is being given off just trying to get the card to show up. Could this be my problem? Are there sensors in place stopping the card from booting if no heat-sink is installed? - Heat-sink with screws now in place! Where do I go from here, and what is causing the 6 beeps. Any help would be extremely appreciated! UPDATE When into the ePSA and ran a diagnostics, this is what it presented: ** Video Card - Video Card Connection Test ** Test Results : Pass ** Video Card - Video Memory Test ** Vendor Name: uEFI Product ID: Graphics Protocol Vendor Version: N/A Memory Start = 0xa0000000 Memory size tested 63.93MB Test Results : Pass
  7. Hello all! I have an M17x R4 with a Clevo 780M GPU, Would it be recommended that I flash the dell vbios as it would be more compatible with my system, or should i just leave it with clevo vbios? Cheers!
  8. Flashed, and worked perfectly. Now for the testing! will get back with results
  9. I need to know this also! As im a new user it wont allow me to view the images have you discovered the new functions now or still dont know?
  10. I suppose this isn't compatible for the r4? I would love to change the icons on my m17x
  11. Just bought a refurbished M17x R4 and it comes with the standard 750gb 7200rpm hdd. But Im thinking of also inserting a 60gb SSD to install the OS on as its will increase speed and its a fairly cheap upgrade! They ship a caddy without charge!! I find it hard to believe from heard all the bad reviews about their customer support etc... But i will take your word! If you don't ask you will never know i suppose!
  12. This as amazing work, im going to test this bad boy out on the M17X R4. Will make a few video comparisons for youtube to show any differences in fps etc, which would be useful! Thanks guys
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