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  1. Hi @Klem You're right! If I remove all the other drives and leave the NVMe SSD, I can see it and access it with a windows 10 installer, and even make partitions. The problem is that I don't want to install windows there, I already have a SATA SSD with it installed. I just wanted to keep it as storage, though after making the partition (not installing windows) I still could not see when I put the other drives back. I'll try installing windows completely and see if it will show up as a drive when I run old windows. edit: It worked, kinda, but alone. It looks like my Laptop stops recognizing the NVMe SSD when I have a SATA SSD installed at the same time.
  2. That is upsetting, but thank you for letting me know! At least now I can stop trying to mess with my BIOS, already ruined my splash screen with some generic Style Notebook icon :\
  3. Hi @Klem, I hope this isn't a bother for you, but I've gone through a lot of attempts to get my Samsung SSD 980 NVMe M.2 to get detected but none of it worked. Flashed my BIOS twice already but nothing seemed to work... I have an NP8156 (p650hp6-g) laptop, and I'm kindly asking for your help to mod NVMe support into it. I just want to use it as additional storage not to boot from, if this bit of info matters. Checked the link and tried to generate the results, but it reported some errors, have I done something wrong? https://www.sendspace.com/file/dhn89s
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