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  1. Cool chair. I guess this is a good time to point out I have the best gaming setup. I game laying down on a palate... yes you heard me a palate, some pillows a blanky. I might just nap after getting a high score and breaking the game server. USE IT.
  2. Hey yall, Long time modder here been out of the game for a while but you can call me Von, Once had a 670mx purring at 800mhz OC @ 65c with a 2525 mem clock purring like a kitten all day, Way back then I think it was undervolting stable. Just recently had it at 850 @ a stable 74c. anyway im familliar with the asus platforms 660m 670m and BIOS'. Im going to do some modding here shortly on the old girl, just need to collect some tools and refamiliarize myself with the process. If I get into some stable OC's with step downs I'll drop a Vbios here 1st. Was over on Overclocked forums a long time ago did a dump of some work there. Anyway, be seeing you.
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