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  1. Have some chips I'm about to install and I'm curious on how to use xblast or whatever it's called to check the ram chips after I install them. I have it downloaded but the readme is pretty vague about how to install it. Do I just flash it to the bios the same way I would do a Tsop cinema hd and if so which file or is it done a different way? Not having much luck with any how to guides for this. Thanks in advance! Edit: Nvm, apparently I'm a complete goofball and don't know how to read properly. I must of missed it the first time in the readme but the instructions are there in plain text. Sorry however if anyone has any pointers for using this software I would appreciate that too!
  2. I just bought an xbox on ebay. I'm very interested in upgrading the ram to 128mb. Do I have to order the same brand and model number ram chips that is on the xbox or can I mix and match? Do I need to order 4 ram chips or just two? Since the xbox already comes with two ram chips applinked. Is 32mb the size of a ram chip?
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