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  1. Prema, in samsung ultrabook i see fast loading bios (skip usb devices scaning or anythink else?) and he starts from cold start very fast (+ssd), maybe you seen something similar in msi bios?
  2. I think he mean something like "flash /CAPTURE" instead of "flash" or add flag in bat file
  3. ok, whatever, but i still have bsod if try change memory clock... gpu core clock i can max set is 1110mhz, thank you, thank you again GE60 Win7 660m work fine, tested world of tanks and sleeping dogs.
  4. Thank you, Prem, and maybe you can unlock fan control ln nvinspector or anything else?
  5. Can we "fix" mute speakers (do not mute) with plugged headphones? GE60 have realtek alc892 and no have advanced settings in realtek sound manager
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