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  1. Hi again, I downloaded both files in the link. One is named P870DM-STOCK.zip and the other is just called P870DM.rar. Are they the same BIOS, just with a Windows or DOS option? Or are they different BIOS each?
  2. I know for my P870DM-G Clevo, I COULD put a MSI 1070 MXM in it, but I would have to dremel the surrounding case frame brackets to get it to physically fit. And I would need a custom VRAM Bios update to support it.
  3. Hi, Thanks for letting me know about the EC BIOS temp signal stuff. That would explain the same behavior with and without the GPU card plugged in. I'm going to try to get a replacement GPU and hope that solves the problem. My kid mainly plays Java version of Minecraft with Shader mods, which can be pretty taxing on the system. He knows how to get the fans spinning. The system is also from 2016, so there's plenty of wear on those chips. I'm hoping a replacement GPU will make it work.
  4. Thank you! But it looks like I need to get an account promotion in order to download any files from this site. I'll bookmark the link until I can access it. Thanks again!
  5. Depends. I know my clevo doesn't support anything beyond a GTX 980 because it would require a firmware update as well as a hardware wiring modification.
  6. Hey All, I have a 2016 Clevo P870DM-GS. 6700K CPU. 980 GTX Desktop Class GPU. My Clevo was running on stock BIOS. I've been using XTU to undervolt -100mhz the CPU and kept pretty good temps all these years. Never throttled so far as I know. Last week, my kid was playing games on it (Roblox and Minecraft Java with mods) and suddenly the laptop shut off. Up until that point, laptop was running flawlessly for years. Now, it only boots to a black screen. Here is what happens now: 1. Press power button, the LEDs all light up - keyboard, power button, the little battery charge and power LEDs, and the back cover. 2. Screen stays black. Never lights up. No POST, no LOGO, no nothing. Stays black. 3. After about 30 seconds, the fans kick on full speed. 4. Fans stay on full speed for about 1 minute and then the laptop shuts itself down. Does not reboot automatically. Things I did to try to fix/diagnose so far: 1. I removed the power cord, battery pack, and the CMOS battery, and held the Power button down for 5 minutes. Rebooted, and same results as above. 2. I removed 1 RAM stick. Rebooted, same results as above. 3. I replaced the 1 RAM stick and removed the other RAM stick. Rebooted, same results as above. 4. I moved the RAM sticks to the two other unused DIMM slots, trying one, then the other, then both. Rebooted all three times. Same results as above. 5. I tried booting to an external monitor using the HDMI port. No display signal was detected on the external monitor. The attached monitor stayed black screen and same results as above. 6. I reseated the GPU and the CPU, and then cleaned and repasted them to their heatsinks. Rebooted, same results as above. Neither the CPU or GPU or their heat pipes get warm. 7. I removed all the SSDs, HDDs, Wifi chip, reseated the keyboard ribbon cables and the monitor's LCD cables/plugs. Rebooted, same results as above. 8. I tried booting with no battery pack installed and power cord only. Also tried booting just off the battery. Same results as above. 9. Bought a new CMOS battery and installed. Same results as above. 10. Inspected the entire mobo front and back. Did not see anything odd or scorched or damaged. Also vacuumed out the heat sinks and fans, just because why not? Same results as above. 11. I tried booting with only the CPU attached. Same results as above. 12. Tried booting with only the GPU attached. Same results as above. 13. Power brick seems to be fine. The orange battery charge LED lights up when plugged into the laptop and the power LED next to it lights up green when I turn on the laptop. They both go green when the battery reaches max charge. The power brick itself has a little green LED on it as well when plugged in. The cables all look fine and undamaged. 14. I stripped the mobo naked with nothing attached at all (no drives, no CPU, no GPU, no RAM, nothing). Same result as above. I'm guessing the 6700K might be dead since I can't even make it to the BIOS POST? BTW, there were no mobo alert beeps during any of the tests I did above. Not sure if clevo laptops do that or not though. I think I've run out of diagnostic tests? Any other suggestions? Ideas? THANKS!
  7. Howdy everyone, I'm rocking a 2019 HP Spectre x360 15 and a 2016 Clevo P870DM-GS. My Clevo has been having issues, so I joined up here to see if I can get it going again. Maybe even better than before! Glad to meet you all!
  8. Hi, I've got a P870DM-GS clevo laptop, 6700K CPU & 980 GTX desktop class GPU, but I'm stuck with the stock BIOS that doesn't let me do much of anything but play with the boot order of the drives lol. I've seen some posts in this thread about the Baked unlocked BIOS. Will that work with my model? Any way I can download it? I see links on the page, but they are all greyed out? Thanks UPDATE - it works now. Thanks again!
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