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  1. I always struggle and frustrated while gaming. The reason is, I miss taking screenshot of my legacy while gaming on my PC. When I play the game I have so many chances where I can take the screenshot. But If I use print screen key of my keyboard then I have to save the first screenshot before taking any other screenshot. And If I go to save the screenshot then I feel it time wasting, the time that I waste in saving the screenshot, I can start and play the new game in that time or do any other work. And then I think that If I can got the way by which I can autosave any screenshot that I take while gaming or while any other work. It is awesome for me and I got that way and it is too easy. When I got then I think I have to share this way with all you guys and that's why I am writing this post on this forum. To autosave any screenshot, you have to press the Windows + Print Screen key on your keyboard. The screenshot will save automatically in your Picture>Screenshots folder. I learn this trick from https://thetechvin.com/how-to-screenshot-on-asus-laptop/ this page, If you want to know more amazing ways then you can visit that page. So many amazing ways available here by which you can take the screenshot on your gaming pc.
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