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  1. @Swung Huang Yep, basically meant that it'd be dangling around, even if connected to a SATA port that has been re-routed outside. Since I use this for work as well, I absolutely need the additional 1TB as a permanent drive and not something that I will have to keep connecting when required. Also, with corona and wfh, I've been moving around quite a bit with my laptop wrt where I work, so this seems a bit of a pain. One thing though, how easy is it to connect and disconnect the LUA? Is it the same as any cord/drive per se, that once done I can simply pull it out? Anyhow, just emailing you! @smacannon Ye, I do plan on reading all of it. I guess it's better if I start of that way. From a performance pov, I'm sure using the Ultrabay >>>>>> using the mPCIe. But it's just that I'm going to need a more permanent solution for my hdd as well. @High_Voltage Thanks a lot! Before I set out to read the entire thing, what all can this m.2 SATA only port do - just an m.2 SSD, is there nothing else that this port can be used for at all? "...system with a very mediocre CPU as well as an x1 bus bottleneck" - And this system wouldn't be able to run a GPU that is good enough to run modern games smoothly even on say, medium settings? Thanks ya'll. Going to start this tonight!
  2. @Swung Huang Thanks! Maybe I will reach out just to see how feasible that is .. but on the top of it, I would honestly rather use the m.2/mPCIe slot as I absolutely need my HDD for work. Can't have the 1TB only as an external hdd. Which has been my biggest problem really, while this laptop isn't anywhere near a mid/top tier gaming PC .. it's right up there when it comes to basic/work functions - why I haven't had the heart to discard it ie. So yeah, even if I can get a LUA - because that means removing the connected HDD, it's not an option for me. Any help that you can give me about using the free m.2/mPCIe slot in my laptop would be great (identifying which it is, best compatible GPUs - since I'll only be able to use a 1x 4gbps slot etc) Thanks again!
  3. Hi All! Firstly, it's so nice to see that the y510p (and others before and after in this series) community is still active and trying to get the most of these old, but gold, laptops. I've been toying with the idea of an eGPU for over 3 years now and have finally decided to give it a shot. My PC specs (just so were on the same page): - Boot Drive: 256GB Samsung EVO SSD - Optical Drive: 1TB Seagate HDD (moved the original boot drive to my optical drive while upgrading to an SSD. My laptop did not have the Ultrabay/Dual graphics) - Processor & dGPU: i7 4700MQ, nvidia GT755m Since the external adapter is no longer an option to buy and I've got my Ultrabay running an additional 1TB HDD, I only want to use the other options available to me - the free m.2 (ngff)/mPCIe slot. I haven't seen much talk about these slots being used, I take it because they're not nearly as powerful for the use case as using the Ultrabay would be. However, if anyone can direct me towards someone/resources that have taken this approach that would be immense! (Both publised builds on egpuDOTio leverage the LUA) I have a few questions, sorry if I sound like I'm just getting into all this, because I am and the various conflicting information is really throwing me off: - Can you point me towards where I can find out for sure whether the free port in my laptop is an m.2 (ngff) slot or an mPCIe slot? I've seen different places on Lenovo forums and other official documentation use either of the terms. While some people on forums also use/quote either. - How does one go about choosing which connector to use - EXP GDC vs PCE164p vs ADT (eGPU .io link - https://***********/best-egpu-buyers-guide/#m2-interface)? - How did you narrow on which GPU to use? Is there an upper limit to the type of cards that would work with my(our) laptops? What is the safest bet, while getting the best possible results? Additionally, anything else that you can tell me would be of value. Thanks in advance people, you are all truly superheroes!
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