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  1. Howdy! Civil Engineer from eastern Washington.. owner of a Clevo 170HM.. Found this site when looking for ways to modify my laptop, and I am quite glad to see all the information available here, along with the pretty nice informative folks who are willing to help others.
  2. kivnul

    Gaming Mouse

    It isn't a gaming mouse as such, but it works great for me. Microsoft wireless mobile mouse 6000. It fits well in my hand, and its is balanced well so that when you pick it up, it doesn't spin or drag. Also, the blue LED for a sensor works on just about anything.
  3. kivnul

    Crysis 3

    I am just glad that they keep building games on the cryengine, thus giving incentive to keep pushing the envelope on what is possible. Just imagine where we will be in 2 years.
  4. kivnul

    Far Cry 3

    So do you gents recommend buying this game? It is 25% off @ steam right now, not sure if I should pick it up now, or wait a couple years for it to hit bargain bin pricing.
  5. I like both vendors. I love the cheaper price on AMD mobile cards, but I prefer the timely driver updates of Nvidia, along with the less frequent drops in frame rates.
  6. Is there a easier way to get drivers to install on a unsupported system then to edit the nvcv.inf , replace an existing hardware ID with mine, 6 or so times in the file?
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