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  1. A great tested choice is if the router supports a USB 3 port, for example a Tp-Link Archer C9 1900 router with an external Hdd, 1TB оr 8TB attached to it or flash drive, the opportunities are great. This setup is available for every router with USB2 or USB3, and with functionality for FTP server. The speeds in this setup in test for transfer over a LAN network are more than 18 mb/s on a 5GHz AC network, through 2 walls, but higher speeds are also possible, under certain conditions . In the router settings, it is easy to turn on or off an FTP server with or without a password, which is visible to all devices on the LAN or on the Internet. You can watch high-definition videos on LAN, for example through Android TV or Android TV box with VLC player.
  2. If we do not talk about parameters and specifications, it is important what the hardware itself offers like a features. For example, the ability to have one or more antennas on a dual-band card, the ability to replace antennas with more powerful antennas is a big advantage, all these advantages increase the performance we are looking for.
  3. This card looks great in terms of parameters and offers over 3000Mbps, 2400Mbps for 5GHz and 574Mbps for 2.4GHz. It is important to know that this card can work on systems with Windows 10 and for older versions, as 7, 8 according to the description will not work. Otherwise, as colleagues mentioned Intel 7260HMW is a very good choice, which should work on older operating systems, such as Windows 7, which is still used by many users.
  4. Hello everyone! After all the important Wireless settings in the router, it is important to pay attention to the region, for example JAPAN offers 13 channels, others offer less than 13, and it is important to not overlap your network channels with other networks on the same channel, also the channel coverage is important too, respectively 40mhz is in a wider range of 20mhz, for 2.4ghz N network. As colleagues have written, a great channel checking program is inSSIDer, which is free. If all this is already set up, you can consider replacing the router's antennas with more powerful ones, for example if you have 5db to switch to 9db, or switching the router to a router with more antennas for better coverage. It is important that the router is positioned at the closest point between all devices, with direct line of sight. The settings for 5gz network are similar. Lastly, take a look at the settings of the receiving card, for example windows have settings like this: - to the driver in advanced settings, which are located in Computer management> Device Manager> Network Adapters> "specific name of wireless card", Properties> Advanced >>> Roaming aggression - 5 Highest and Transmit Power - 5 Highest. If everything is done and the network is still weak, you can consider for a repeater or powerline adapter. Greetings!
  5. Hello everyone! Very good reviews for the newly released film with Denzel Washington "The Little Things (2021)" in Janre: Drama, Thriller, Crime Right now rating in IMDB is 6.3 Trailler: HERE
  6. Hello everyone! After the last 3 strong albums, a last month I listened to one great band, INGLORIOUS, with their new album called "We Will Ride" 2021 . Sounds really cool on a quality audio system. It's already in Spotify! Greetings!
  7. Hello friends! I bought a dual-band Intel 7260XMW card - 1200mbps. The next steps will be to flash the Bios, as described in the first post. What are your observations about working dual-band cards on the y580, except 6205? My current bios is 5DCN40WW (V2.07) Thanks!
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