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  1. Hello SVL, Here is the bios of my 780m GTX. https://www.transfernow.net/l6U1ib022021 Can you see if it is possible to make it 100% compatible with my alienware m15x (i7 940XM and 780m GTX) by changing the bios?
  2. Yes, i have do that but ... not good ...
  3. Yes, i have found this but ... How can I create a bootable usb key allowing me to run this update? I've never done it like this ...
  4. Hello SVL, Can you modify the bios of the alienware m15x r2 (those with the i7 940m for example)? And could you also modify a vbios of an original MSI cg 780m GTX to make it fully compatible with my alienware m15x r2? I found one of your vbios for 780M but ... I always had a white screen when starting and stopping the pc. And I can't activate my sound card ... thank you in advance, Zero_cool
  5. Hello I have found 0 information for upgrade bios of my m15x r2. I'm in a bios A08 and i want go on a A09 ...
  6. I'm going to tring this ! I have just upgroad with a 780m gtx
  7. Hello every body, I have upgroade my alienware m15x r2 (i7 940 extrem) with a 780m GTX. After mod driver nvidia, in windows 10 i have no problem. But when i start computeur, i have a white screen, and same screen when i stop the computeur. I am looking for a bios for my 780m gtx 100% compatible with my alienware. does anyone have that? I also know that there is an unlocked bios for the m17x r3 (or r4), is there the same for the m15x r2? thank you in advance for your help
  8. Hello, I introduce myself Zero_cool (or predator depending on the forums). I have an asus G502VS that I hacked to stop heating up and that I just bought an alienware m15x R2 (i7 940XM, 460m GTX, 8Gb ddr3, 256GB SSD and 240W power supply). I'm looking for tips and mutual help to boost the latter to the max In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
  9. Hello there, I just bought an alienware M15x R2 (i7 940XM, 460m GTX and 240W power supply). A friend has a 980m GTX from an MSI that we are going to try to mount in it. I would like to use the prema mod vbios for the 980m GTX. Is it possible ? What do I have to do to make it work? PS: an improvement and optimization of the cooling is planned. Downclock, change of leg, etc etc etc
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