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  1. I managed to resolve this issue by replacing the screen ribbon cable. Bought one from eBay for like 10 bucks and it did the trick, screen looks normal now. Super happy to not have to replace the entire screen!
  2. I did the same, got the AC version from Amazon. Just put it in and Windows recognized it straight away and installed the drivers for it automatically.
  3. Glad to hear it! I also ran into that write protection issue, used diskpart to remove the "read only" disk attributes of my USB drive. What Wifi-adapter are you upgrading to?
  4. Aah bummer. Maybe you could install Windows as a secondary OS?
  5. Someone else posted this link previously in this thread: https://www64.zippyshare.com/v/au26DAss/file.html Although if you are on bios v1.5 and need to update to v2.04, you need to find that somewhere else. Can't remember where I got it but you'll find it with some googling.
  6. So I ran into an interesting problem... I did the bios flash on my Y500 and everything went fine. When the flash was complete, I noticed that my laptop was unplugged and plugged it in. When I did, the screen got sort of "tinted" to a blue-ish color. I rebooted the laptop and this blue tint persists on the screen. I have tried re-installing Nvidia display drivers and rolled back my bios to v2.04 again with no luck. After this, I also can't adjust the screen brightness with the Fn-keys. Any ideas?
  7. Hello, I can't access the files since I have a new account. Need to update my bios before doing the flash because I'm currently on version 1.5. Could anyone PM me a link to the bios update included in OP's post? Thanks.
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