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  1. Well, that's really unfortunate, I don't know what to do now, but thank you anyway. I read in some posts on this page that newest Win10 is giving problems with this laptops, so if you or anyone reading this comment knows that instaling older versions (and what version) could help me, tell me pls.
  2. Well, the older drivers doesn't make any change at all, it keeps doing the same things. You told me that the links from this post were working, but I can't download them, can you send it to me via e-mail or drive or something like that? Thank you for the help.
  3. This seems to be older than this post, but I'll give it a try and tell you if it works. Thank you
  4. Hi! Sorry for bothering you again, but I have been now promoted, but I can't download the file, I have missed anything? I don't understand it -.-'
  5. This post encourages me to update my own M17x R4 to a 1070. I bought a Zotac one, so if anyone have any advise to bring me, all help is welcome Great post and mod! <3
  6. HI! Does this work with a M17x R4 laptop and Win10? Great work
  7. Hi! I have a M17x R4 laptop with a GTX 980m, but I'm going to upgrade it next week to a GTX 1070. I have stock A12 BIOS, which modded BIOS and installation method would you recommend me?
  8. Hi! I have an M17x R4 and the new version of Windows 10 is starting making weird things with drivers. I'm waiting to be promoted to try the audio drivers modded by J95, but meanwhile, which version of Win10 do you recommend me to install? I have a 980m, but I'm going to change it to a Zotac 1070 next week, so any advise is welcome
  9. So unitl I get that promoted status, I can't download this drivers? And what can I do to get promoted?
  10. Hi, the Windows 10/8.1 link is broken, may I ask for a new link? My M17xR4 audio drivers are broken on Win10 -.-'
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