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  1. hi friends of the forum i have a headache with my alienware m18x r1 it turns on and the screen lights up but there is no image, i tested it on an external monitor and an image appears, i changed the screen and the defect persists, i have updated the bios and it continues , I removed the video card and still no image I added a video of the notebook connecting and turning on the screen but without image, on the external monitor it works normally https://youtu.be/YOFR3GxYHTQ
  2. friends i have an alienware m18x r1 it turns on and there is no image on the screen, i already disassembled it and i did all the tests i tested ram memory and video card (gtx860m) but i noticed that the gpu is cracked soldered, i already tested the notebook without the card video and continued the defect, rewrote the bios 2 times and did not solve it but I had a doubt the alienware m18xr1 when connecting without the dedicated gpu was it for him to present an image on the screen? and I also noticed that the processor was replaced by an i3 3110m core, according to the friend who sold me the notebook, it worked perfectly and simply stopped showing an image on the screen overnight, can someone help me?
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