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  1. Why they even start to develop these eGPU solutions without Intel's approval? Anyway, Intel can go fuck themselves.
  2. "Gigabyte hopes to get something working by Computex"... yeah, right, more waiting, and waiting, and waiting... "We were told that Asus is working further on enable Apple/Mac support, but there are presently no guarantees". No shit. I would actually bet a million dollar that Apple will never help to make an eGPU solution working on their products. It goes totally against the core of their philosophy of integrating everything and making things obsolete in less than 2 years, so you have to buy new. I bet we will see no eGPU solution this year either. Seems like a total deja vu from last year.
  3. Mackan

    DIY eGPU Macbook experiences

    Could also explain why basically no OEMs bother to include Thunderbolt on their PC laptops this year -- it's not worth the effort. And what happened to that SilverStone T004 eGPU solution?
  4. Very exciting to see this. But if Intel, as stated in the first post, will not give a license to a Thunderbolt device aimed for external GPU usage, then how can SilverStone ever release this product? Ok, I saw you edited your post. Let's hope Intel will stop their nonsense, they are getting bad reputation. Would be rather pointless of SilverStone to even start work on this just to get rejected.
  5. Mackan

    iOS 7 New Changes

    It looks refreshing. The only thing I don't like is that translucent control center with monochrome text/icons. Also, some of the app icons aren't great.
  6. Mackan

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    Yeah, there is a big thread about it: T430 Fan speed - Lenovo Community I get flashbacks about this, since I think some recent previous ThinkPad models suffered from the similar problem. One problem is the physical characteristics/pitch of the fan. Another one is the fan profile. If it is not smooth enough, it's going to be annoying. I currently use a MacBook, which has always had an excellent fan profile. It idles at 2000 rpm (inaudible), and ramps up smoothly up to 6000 rpm. It doesn't have 'discrete' modes, where it just goes from 2000 to 5000 based on a temperature reading. This T430 seems to have a minimum fan speed of around 3200-3400, which is simply too much. The Lenovo engineers, together with others (I recall Alienware as well), do not seem to know how, or care, to implement a good PID control for the fan. I bet they need to use more expensive parts as well. Wasn't entirely related to eGPU, but what the heck, why is there never a perfect laptop out there. There's always something.
  7. Mackan

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    Thanks for the information. I will do more research. Still a bugger about only 8 GB of RAM. Sadly, I just saw reports about noisy fan with the T430, which doesn't seem resolved, possibly due to design/fan used. I am very sensitive to fan noise, (though when gaming I don't care).
  8. Mackan

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    I was actually considering a T430 + eGPU, since it could fit a quad core CPU in there. But maybe it will also have thermal problems, then. Anyone tried? Also, did you ever had problem with TOLUD? I've heard conflicting reports about this, that Lenovo fixed this in recent BIOS updates, but then I've heard they didn't. Anyone know if there is a TOLUD problem with a T430?
  9. Well, I guess I can answer myself regarding the first point. The eGPU itself should work as a pass thru device for the audio, not needing the integrated sound card at all. So as long as there is a working driver for the eGPU, things should be fine.
  10. There would also be a problem with the audio driver under EFI mode, right? So even if booting via EFI, and using external monitor, we would still have no sound? Given that the eGPU has drivers in OSX, would the eGPU solution work to play games under OSX? I've heard it's not working at all, but maybe progress has been made someone.
  11. Mackan

    Windows 8 EFI Install Update

    I think people have got both Nvidia and AMD cards to work under EFI mode on Macs, after updated drivers were out. Could maybe indicate that the Intel drivers need to be updated to work with Apple's EFI. However, I think the Nvidia and AMD card were discrete. I haven't seen successful drivers for integrated ones yet, such as my own Nvidia 320M and the Intel HD 4000. Just speculating... would be fun with some break through in this.
  12. Mackan

    Windows 8 EFI Install Update

    I remember I read something somewhere, probably this forum, about someone getting the Intel HD4000 to be recognized in EFI mode. Don't know if it was a driver problem still, in the end. I might try this EFI boot myself, soon. Unfortunately, I think Apple with the latest Boot Camp 5 still assumes people to boot/install in BIOS mode. Can't rely too much on Apple, they only provide bare minimum support.
  13. Good find. I might do another try of installing Windows again now when they have a new Boot Camp out (I guess they didn't care to optimize the drivers though, but hell might freeze over once per millennium).
  14. It was a little confusing to read about the Intel HD 4000. Does the driver work under EFI mode? Or was it just in combination with EFI + eGPU + internal LCD that it didn't work?

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