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  1. I fully understand this safe voltages. My stock voltage is 1.0120(With Stock BIOS, as I remember). So why under 100% GPU load voltage is 1.0120 insted of 1.05. I saw only 1.05 when 3DMark was loading. Edit: May be slv7 changed power-save voltage insted of 100% use voltage Edit2: Made another test in Medal of Honor Warfighter. While i was in menu voltage was 1.05. When game started voltage is 1.0120.
  2. and svl7 is ignoring my posts for second day..........................
  3. Ok, why I durung 3D Tests in 3DMark11 have voltage 1.0120 insted of 1.05 or 1.025, I didn't got any raise of the performance from non-ov bios. Cause in OV BIOS voltage is stock. I'm not the only one who have this problem.
  4. I flashed 1.05 MSI BIOS. When 3DMark 11 is loading voltage is 1.05, when test is started voltage is 1.0120.
  5. Try recovering windows from recovery partition
  6. And what about GT780DX? Can i upgrade GPU there?
  7. CooleRnax

    GT683DX CPU update

    Xonar is right Ivy Bridge processor will not work on Sandy Bridge motherboard
  8. I choose 680m for much better Overclocking potential. And Phisix
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